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When Your Breast Reveals You

Since time immemorial, men have always been fascinated with large breasts and the women who are too eager to please them will stop at nothing to get them. This fascination or even obsession with large breasts has led many women to do outrageous things.
For instance, during World War II, Japanese prostitutes injected their breasts with salt water, goat's milk or paraffin wax to make their bosoms bigger and attract more American soldiers. Unfortunately, this led to many infections.
In 18th century Spain, it was believed that you could decipher a woman's personality simply by looking at her breasts. This is called the “science” of sternomancy and it wouldn't surprise me if the fortunetellers who specialized in this art were men! What are some of the more interesting findings of sternomancy? Take a look:
If your breasts are curved like a spring-board (though I can't imagine how that looks!), you have a keen brain. (Really? Why then would one consult a fortuneteller in the fir…

Blow Your Breast Size And Shape Naturally

Having nicely shaped, rounded breasts can make a woman feel sexier and confident, there is no doubt about that. However, with surgical breast enlargement procedures (such as breast augmentation and breast lifts) having a number of alarming side effects, more and more women are turning towards natural breast enhancement.
Post-operative effects of surgical breast augmentation can include a hardening of the breasts; infection; and (sometimes permanent) loss of sensation in the nipples. Implants may also leak or break, causing a change in the shape and feel of the breasts and a great deal of discomfort. And while the majority of the typical breast augmentation related problems can be treated, it often involves removing the implant (after waiting for any infection to clear) and replacing it with another meaning yet more invasive surgery.
There are many non surgical products and methods that claim to enlarge, enhance and lift your breasts such as creams; special bras; using weights and even, …

When Your Vagina Smells, What To Do?

Wanda The Fish. That was the most humiliating name any chick could get labeled at my middle school. Getting chastised as “Wanda” simply meant that your vagina reeked of “Tuna Of The Sea”.
Understandably, girls, myself included, would go to extensive lengths to avoid this dehumanizing stigma.
So what do you do when your stinky midsection betrays an otherwise healthy vagina? The first step is to actually make sure that your vagina is in tip-top shape.
What’s a Vagina Supposed to Smell Like? Throughout your menstrual cycle, it’s normal to have a variety of vaginal discharges. Vaginal discharge can take the form of the non-fertile, viscous- and sticky-type discharge to the very fertile, slippery- and clear-type discharge that occurs close to menstruation.
Abnormal discharges are accompanied by itchiness, raunchy smells, and/ or gray-, yellow- or green-colored discharges.
The second step to restoring your vagina to health involves to ruling out the possibility of having vaginal conditions like …

7 Effective Exercises To Shed Post Natal Flab

Post natal flab is something that all new mothers are anxious to shed as soon as they give birth and is a challenge for many women. Given that the body goes through many changes and hormonal challenges for nine months, it is no wonder that trying to lose weight after giving birth takes time, determination and patience. Some women never got back their shape and weight of pre-pregnancy days.
Doctors recommend that in the first 6 weeks after delivery, new mothers should focus on getting the necessary rest and bonding with baby. According to doctors, in most cases, a return to pre-pregnancy body composition may take anywhere between nine months to a year.
There are many ways to shed off post natal flab and postpartum exercise is most often a better option than trying to diet. Dieting is not sensible at this time, especially if you are breastfeeding. Your body also needs the necessary nutrients to repair itself.
Your readiness to exercise is a function of pre-pregnancy fitness level and postp…

Rid Your Body Of Those Stretch Marks

Getting pregnant is a wonderful thing. The miracle of life is taking place within you. One of the things you may not be aware of when you become pregnant is stretch marks. Many mothers tend to avoid this particular topic. I can’t say I blame them. Based on the overall scheme of things it is kind of trivial. As a result you tend to hear more about everything else. Maybe mother don’t want anyone to know about the scars of giving birth which in some cases can be on their skin years after giving birth?
In essence there is nothing much to do to prevent them. It is purely genetic. In the event you have the elasticity in your skin then you may be one of the lucky ones who gets away with no stretch marks and probably will be the envy of many others who did not.
One lady stated that six months after giving birth to her second child she still had stretch marks. There are many snake oils sales people out there on TV advertising miraculous creams and so on. Don’t be fooled! Many women claim that th…

Beautify Your Breast With Breast Massage

Beautiful breast enhances the beauty of women. If a woman is having a normal proportionate breast then no doubt she looks attractive and gorgeous. But it has been found that in lots of women the breast lacks proper size and shape disrupting her personality and beauty.
Below are the 4 step procedure of breast massage that will help you increasing the size and maintaining its proper shape their by enhancing the beauty.
1. With the help of your fingers gently smooth away from nipple. The pressure should be gentle and should move directly away from the nipple. This stroke should be slow and gentle to get the maximum effect.2. Second part comprises of the gentle massage of the breast having kneading motion. This should be done by upward lift and pressing movements.3. With the hands slowly and gently twist the breast in clock wise and then anticlockwise movements. This process should be carefully done and rigorous movements can cause damage.4. With the help of both the hands apply moderate pr…