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How To deal With Stress During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be the most exciting time of your life, but it can be the most stressful also. You are at the mercy of out of control hormones and you worry about the pregnancy, the childbirth, the health of your baby and everything else that comes your way.
When you are pregnant you need to take good care of yourself and your unborn baby. This includes trying to reduce the stress in your life. But how do you reduce stress? This article will give you a few good tips on reducing stress while you are pregnant.
The first thing you should do is to take a long look at your life. How many activities are you involved in? How many hours a week do you work? What are you expected to do around the home?
If you have a full schedule that has you running every minute of the day, you need to slow down a little. Figure out which activities you can drop and try to cut back at work if possible. Learn to say no. Stop feeling like you have to say yes to every request that someone makes of you. The most i…

Make Him Call You After Flirting With Him

It finally happens! You're at a bar and you stumble upon a nice, attractive and single fellow. The flirting leads to the number exchange and while he's imputing your digits you cross your fingers hoping, just hoping, that he gives you the next day call. Surprisingly enough he makes contact, but not in the form you expected. Much to your misfortune your guy is a texter, who would rather tediously punch in 'Sup. How's it goin' than vocally converse.
Now, you may be wondering why texting is such bad thing. It saves a ton of time by letting you get straight to the point and what's wrong with being high-tech? Well, everything. Texting is a cop-out, a way for guys to escape the awkwardness and jitters that come along with sober conversations. Some men have even been known to have full-on relationships based on the letter punch in.
So if you have met a texter that seems to have potential, but just can't get past his digital habit, here are some tips to get him to ca…

Dressing And Grooming That Could Kill Your Image

Leslie Barrie

Everyone’s heard about the key items that should be in a closet: black trousers, a classic pump, a white oxford shirt, etc. But what about those items that should not be in there— the ones that tempt you to betray your fashion sense and keep you from looking like your usual, put-together self? Yes, these items may be comfort pieces, but most likely they fit like anything but. So rid yourself of them now before you pull an Eve and pick that red apple. Check out our list of items to purge.
Booty shorts.
Jessica Simpson could pull them off in Dukes of Hazzard, but, then again, it was a movie. Translating this trend to real life is a different story. Short shorts can be pulled off successfully—think loose-fitting nautical pairs for spring, but it’s the unsuccessful versions that we see the most of. If you are unsure if short shorts are right for you, take it as a sign and stick to their adorable cousin, the Bermuda. Still holding on? Walk a lap around your bedroom. If have to y…

Stay Slim Avoiding Meat?

Allison Firestone
“I became a vegan slowly,” recalls Tammy Jackson, 22. “I gave up red meat after I developed a serious aversion to beef after a bad burger experience and because of all the negative stuff I’d read about the beef industry—hormones, antibiotics, sanitation issues and so on.”
While only about 2.5% of Americans don’t eat meat, the surge in vegetarian products over the past few years shows that there’s an increasing interest in meat-free lifestyles. In-n-Out and Burger King now offer a vegetable burger. And it seems like every grocery store carries soy milk and veggie alternatives to steaks and hot dogs. But besides peace of mind when you think of all those cute little farm animals you’re saving, what do meat-free diets really do for our bodies? Do they contribute to healthy weight loss? Are they all they’re cracked up to be?
You are what you eat.There are three main categories that meat-free lifestyles fall into:
* Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian: This describes the majority of the …

Medifast - 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Susan Milligan
If you are considering Medifast, here are 5 questions to ask yourself to be sure this weight loss program is right for you. If you are already on the Medifast program, these questions will help you determine whether you will keep the weight off for the rest of your life.5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Medifast
1. Are you tired of the yo-yo dieting game and ready to do something about it for the last time? 2. Are you willing to eat differently than your family or friends? 3. Can you eat every 3 hours? 4. Are you ready to permanently change your thoughts and ideas that food is fuel for your body rather than a form of entertainment? 5. Are you willing to changed your home environment and the way you prepare meals for the rest of your life?
The Medifast weight loss program works. I'm living, breathing proof of it and I've met several hundred people just like myself recently that proves that I am a typical Medifast weight loss story. But there are…

Nine Of 10 Sjogren's Patients Are Women

Sjogren's syndrome. Although identified back in 1933 by a Swedish physician of that name, the affliction remains so obscure that many physicians today even ask, "What?"
Dana Moreno, 42, and Connie Roberts, 44, both of whom had to give up professional careers because of the syndrome, have made it their mission to educate doctors - and everyone else - about Sjogren's pronounced SHOW-grins, an autoimmune deficiency that debilitates through myriad avenues: the central nervous system first, then on to major organs and the lymphatic system.
The two women have prepared a resolution that the Hernando County Commission is expected to adopt on April 3, proclaiming April Sjogren's Syndrome Awareness Month.
It was so proclaimed by the U.S. Congress several years ago. Moreno and Roberts also have been invited to Tallahassee when Gov. Charlie Crist is tentatively scheduled to sign a similar proclamation for the state.
According to the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation …

Pregnancy - Eats And Dont Eats

Dr Jacqueline E Campbell
MANY pregnant women become concerned about what they should and shouldn't be eating. That is understandable as a healthy diet contributes to a successful pregnancy by reducing complications and promoting adequate foetal growth and development. Nutrition is thus an essential component of prenatal care.
A well-balanced diet contributes to normal birth weight for the baby, improved foetal brain development, decreased chance of pregnancy complications such as morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings, anaemia and pre-eclampsia (life-threatening condition that often occurs in the 3rd trimester - symptoms include high blood pressure, protein in urine, edema, blurred vision, pain around the liver) and a speedy recovery after delivery.
Weight gainWeight gain is desirable for all women since it is essential for normal foetal growth. It is important not to restrict calories during this time. Generally a pregnant woman should aim to keep her weight gain around 20 to 30 pou…

A Way Out Of The Miseries Of Child Abuse

WHO says we can't rise above our circumstances - no matter how depressing the situations have been?Nadine Martin is a single mother of five children who has triumphed over many dark moments in her life, by using education and forgiveness to overcome it all.
This is the story of a 36-year-old woman who was molested, raped, rejected by her father, encouraged to get involved with men by her own mother and who suffered from an eating disorder. However, after giving birth to five children, fathered by four men, she decided she wasn't going to stay in the slum. It was time to pick herself up and move on.
To support her children, Martin did any odd job she could find just to put food on their table."I have done so many jobs, but never found the one I wanted," she admitted. And what she now wants is to be an early childhood educator, someone who would impact positively on the lives of children. But her dream doesn't stop there.
She also wants to be a motivational speaker, g…

When And Where Its A Crime To Be Pregnant

She is pregnant. A middle manager and mother of a two-year-old in her early 30s, she was scared at first to tell her boss, because she was afraid it would affect the promotion she's due. Worse, she has applied for a job one level over, but somehow completely has no confidence she will get it.
Last week this woman, who we'll call Jasmine, told all woman that she has applied and is still waiting. "This is a demanding year at work. I fear I won't be considered because of the pregnancy. It may be all in my head but I think there is a real risk."
She said she saw another job advertised and called them up."I spoke frankly with them, and the human resources person advised me that it was best for me to focus on my pregnancy at this time. It was kind advice, not malicious at all. I was speaking with him in terms of how enlightened we were in Jamaica and whether we would be ready to accept this as a norm - that is hiring someone who was pregnant.
He pointed out that if i…

10 Tips On How Buying a Wedding Dress

Not aware that there's etiquette involved in buying a wedding dress? Well, there is, and if you find yourself facing the daunting task of buying a wedding dress without the help of a wedding planner, here are a few tips on making your dress-buying experience as smooth as possible.
1. Research Before you even step into a wedding boutique, research the different styles, fabrics, necklines, cuts, so the wedding dress jargon doesn't sound like a foreign language.2. Plan ahead If necessary, make an appointment in advance of your first visit to the wedding boutique. When you do visit, go prepared with a strapless bra, stockings, and shoes.
3. Don't budge When it comes to your budget, have a clear idea of your parameters. It is easy to get carried away once you go into a salon, and you may find yourself trying on dresses out of your budget. When you make your appointment also confirm that the salon has dresses within your budget.
4. Be open-minded While it is encouraged that you hav…