Rid Your Body Of Those Stretch Marks

Getting pregnant is a wonderful thing. The miracle of life is taking place within you. One of the things you may not be aware of when you become pregnant is stretch marks. Many mothers tend to avoid this particular topic. I can’t say I blame them. Based on the overall scheme of things it is kind of trivial. As a result you tend to hear more about everything else. Maybe mother don’t want anyone to know about the scars of giving birth which in some cases can be on their skin years after giving birth?
In essence there is nothing much to do to prevent them. It is purely genetic. In the event you have the elasticity in your skin then you may be one of the lucky ones who gets away with no stretch marks and probably will be the envy of many others who did not.
One lady stated that six months after giving birth to her second child she still had stretch marks. There are many snake oils sales people out there on TV advertising miraculous creams and so on. Don’t be fooled! Many women claim that they still have stretch marks that were deep and red a year later. After a year many say that they tend to subside. It is not that creams and lotions are useless. The creams will make your skin itch less, but your body will still produce marks.
Another interesting fact is this. You may think that during your pregnancy your body did not produce any stretch marks. Several women have claimed they have gone through their entire nine months with not so much as a small mark, and them BAM! They deliver and they have stretch marks.
All in all pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Stretch marks which no doubt can be annoying are only on the surface. To a greater extent you have brought a whole new life into the world. Let’s keep it in perspective.


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