When Your Breast Reveals You

Since time immemorial, men have always been fascinated with large breasts and the women who are too eager to please them will stop at nothing to get them. This fascination or even obsession with large breasts has led many women to do outrageous things.
For instance, during World War II, Japanese prostitutes injected their breasts with salt water, goat's milk or paraffin wax to make their bosoms bigger and attract more American soldiers. Unfortunately, this led to many infections.
In 18th century Spain, it was believed that you could decipher a woman's personality simply by looking at her breasts. This is called the “science” of sternomancy and it wouldn't surprise me if the fortunetellers who specialized in this art were men! What are some of the more interesting findings of sternomancy? Take a look:
If your breasts are curved like a spring-board (though I can't imagine how that looks!), you have a keen brain. (Really? Why then would one consult a fortuneteller in the first place?!) Women with these breasts are said to be industrious but they rarely attain high positions in business. However, they make good wives and they easily adapt to their partners. They are faithful and inventive in bed.
Women with round breasts are supposedly frigid and find it difficult to have an orgasm. But these ladies are ready to try anything in bed. They don't like changing sex partners and they make good housewives. They are said to be more clever than their husbands.
Women with pear-shaped bosoms are independent, willful and silly at times. But they can lead men by the nose. They are also good at sex.
Triangular breasts belong to excitable, liberated women who may have several sex partners a day. Nothing is forbidden to them. These women often become great actresses or hookers!
If your breasts resemble an eggplant, you are said to be full of love and you enjoy life. These women dominate their men.
Erect nipples are supposedly found in generous and dominating women. They love oral sex and like to be on top of men.
Small, retracted nipples signify a calculating mind and a person who hides her real intentions. These women believe there is nothing fancy about sex but are ready to fulfill their partner's sex fantasies!
Finally, if you have silicone implants, you enjoy romantic traveling but will never have a family. These women supposedly have high IQs but also have serious psychological problems!
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