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Early Menopause from Work Stress

Having a job which is too stressful can hasten the onset of the menopause, according to a new French study.
Led by Dr Bernard Cassou, the French team considered menopausal and social histories in more than 1,500 women in the country, all born in 1938.
The study found that the average age for the start of menopause in nine percent of the women deemed to have 'high-pressure' jobs in the study was a year earlier than the overall norm.
Accordingly, the stress of having to juggle time deadlines within the workplace may "affect the ageing of the ovaries", suggested Dr Cassou.
Other menopause experts, however, have reacted with scepticism at the new findings, claiming that a number of factors can affect when the menopause hits.
"People who want to find links do, but there's a vast body of research which shows there is no evidence of a connection between stress and the menopause," Professor John Studd, chairman of the British Menopause Society, told the BBC.
The aver…