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Paula Abdul Feels Threatened By Kara DioGuardi As American Idol Judge

Paula Abdul Feels Threatened By Kara DioGuardi As American Idol Judge

Kara DioGuardi joins the show today in NY for the first round of auditions, where she'll meet her co-panelists face to face. When asked whether her judging style falls into the nicer, Randy/Paula brand of criticism or on Simon's blunt, sometimes forceful end, DioGuardi says she's not similar to anybody.

"I have my own style ... I'm honest," she says, "And pretty feisty."

Just hours after the announcement that "American Idol" will be adding a fourth judge, Grammy-nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi, for the show's eighth season, Paula Abdul said she has concerns about the newcomer.

Paula said on Phoenix's KISS-FM that she's excited about DioGuardi coming aboard, according to, but added: "I am concerned about the audience and acceptance. Time will tell. We'll see."

She said that DioGuardi was added because the show's producers "…

Michelle Obama Stands By Her Man At The Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama takes center stage at the Democratic convention before some 4,400 delegates and millions more glued to their televisions at home, to proudly proclaim to the world why she believes her husband should be elected president of the United States. She is expected to deliver a passionate speech in support of Barack Obama's historic bid for the White House.

She will need to do more than introduce herself as a potential first lady Monday night when she takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention in front of a nationwide TV audience.

The setting gives her an opportunity to reinvent herself after being portrayed by Republicans as unpatriotic for saying during the primaries that her husband’s campaign made her proud of America “for the first time.”

“She has been by all accounts a polarizing figure in this campaign,” NPR Correspondent Juan Williams said Monday. Williams, a FOX News contributor, said the “proud” comment defined her for a lot of voters.

“It’s off-putting to …

Michelle Obama, The Power Behind Barack Obama

In the past year, Michelle Obama has been on the campaign trail, often standing in for her husband, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. In doing so, the potential first lady has put her own career on hold.

Trained as an attorney, Michelle Obama left the legal field early. She has spent most of her career in the public and nonprofit sectors. And like many working women, Obama says she has struggled to balance her professional and family life.

At a recent luncheon in Chicago, the applause swelled as Obama, taller than most in the room at 5-foot-11, strode to the podium.

"[I'm] always living with the guilt that if I'm spending too much time at work, then I'm not giving enough time to my girls," she said to the mostly female audience. "And then if I'm with my girls, then I'm not doing enough for work — or you name it. It's a guilt that we all live with in this room. Can I hear an amen?"

Her Early Career

Michelle Obama's maiden name…