Make Him Call You After Flirting With Him

It finally happens! You're at a bar and you stumble upon a nice, attractive and single fellow. The flirting leads to the number exchange and while he's imputing your digits you cross your fingers hoping, just hoping, that he gives you the next day call. Surprisingly enough he makes contact, but not in the form you expected. Much to your misfortune your guy is a texter, who would rather tediously punch in 'Sup. How's it goin' than vocally converse.
Now, you may be wondering why texting is such bad thing. It saves a ton of time by letting you get straight to the point and what's wrong with being high-tech? Well, everything. Texting is a cop-out, a way for guys to escape the awkwardness and jitters that come along with sober conversations. Some men have even been known to have full-on relationships based on the letter punch in.
So if you have met a texter that seems to have potential, but just can't get past his digital habit, here are some tips to get him to call.
He texts, you call.
You receive a message that says: Hey. What are you doing? You know he must be by his phone if he just punched this in. Call him. Odds are that he won't pick up, but he will at least get the message that you like to use the phone for its original purpose. And if he texts you back after the phone call, you know it's time to delete him from your contacts.
Emphasize words like "talking" in your messages to him.
So the virtual conversation is coming to a close. He texts: Talk to ya later. Now your usual response to this phrase would be, Yeah, talk to ya soon. But this implies that texting is talking. It's not. Instead write something like, Yeah, let's chat later, which implies that actual talking has yet to occur (but you want it to).
Make texting irritating so that he has to call.
So, he's made it clear that he doesn't enjoy calling, but you can make him loathe texting too. Katherine, 22, decided to play a prank on her texter. Every time he would text, Are you going out tonight? She would reply, Who is this? Immediately he would call her, flustered and frustrated. Another option is to answer every text with a question until he realizes that if he had called, he'd already be done with the conversation. Although these tactics may be reminiscent of your third-grade antics, they will probably get him to dial your number.
If all else fails, don't respond.
Rachael, 24, used this method when she just couldn't take any more of her guy's texting. If he wasn't going to call, then she was not going to respond. Texting, she says "is a sign that he isn't interested enough to call, invest time or energy in me. So, I do not respond to the text messages." After a while, he ended up calling her and they started talking...really talking.
Now don't worry too much if your ideal guy just sent you a text. Not all is lost. A combination of texts and calls can actually enhance your relationship. Because really, how great is it to get a text during the middle of a hectic work day saying Can't wait to see you tonight! If he can just get the hang of dialing, he may be worth keeping in your contacts after all.
So why do guys really prefer to text? They explain.
"Texting allows a guy to test the water before he embarrasses himself with a phone call." --Matt, 20
"With my friends, I call because I know it's going to end quickly. With girls, it's a different story. You call her and you can be subjected to 40 minutes of talk time. Texting keeps it brief." --Bryan, 24.
"When I text, I have more time think about what I'm going to say so I can look cooler." --Sam, 32.
"Texting cuts out the chance of awkward silence in conversation." --Kevin, 23.
"You can edit and play around with what you say before it gets sent. You can sound funny, smart, hot, etc. Heck, you can even have someone else write it. It helps to just get the foot in the door because everyone sounds dumb on the phone." --Roger, 25.
"Texting keeps your fingers in shape." --Aaron, 23.
"When you text it's less personal and it makes the relationship less serious." --Nico, 23


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