Medifast - 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Susan Milligan

If you are considering Medifast, here are 5 questions to ask yourself to be sure this weight loss program is right for you. If you are already on the Medifast program, these questions will help you determine whether you will keep the weight off for the rest of your life.5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Medifast
1. Are you tired of the yo-yo dieting game and ready to do something about it for the last time? 2. Are you willing to eat differently than your family or friends? 3. Can you eat every 3 hours? 4. Are you ready to permanently change your thoughts and ideas that food is fuel for your body rather than a form of entertainment? 5. Are you willing to changed your home environment and the way you prepare meals for the rest of your life?
The Medifast weight loss program works. I'm living, breathing proof of it and I've met several hundred people just like myself recently that proves that I am a typical Medifast weight loss story. But there are certain commitments and mindset changes that are needed to ensure success with Medifast.
Although following the program is easy and losing weight is easy, sometimes changing our mindset is the most difficult. Fortunately, those people who start the Medifast program with the help of a Take Shape For Life Health Advisor are getting a jump start on the road to success.
Have you ever been on a diet before? If you answered Yes, have you ever had a coach help you through it?
Most people would answer No. So let me ask you a 6th question ... If you answered No, then wouldn't it make sense to change your behavior so that you can answer Yes to my 6th question and answer Yes to the 5 questions I asked previously?
If you are reading this page and are considering Medifast than obviously what you have done in the past to try to lose weight hasn't worked. It hasn't worked because you haven't been willing to make permanent changes in your life in the way you have thought about food and how or why you eat. Making permenent life-long changes means you need to first change your thoughts.
When I started Medifast in October 2006 I was determined to change. But several times during my initial weight loss phase, my old ideas of weight loss crept back into my mind. For example, I'd tell myself I didn't need to drink all of my water or that I didn't need to eat if I wasn't hungry or that I didn't need to try new vegetables because it was easier to just stick to the vegetables on the Medifast list that I already knew I liked.
And then I realized that I was about ready to fall into that same old yo-yo game. So I had to constantly remind myself, ... "Susan, wait a minute. If you continue to do what you always did, the results will be the same that you always got! You won't be successful!" So I re-trained myself to think differently and this resulted in changing my mindset about the way I thought of food.
I did it. And I can help you do it too. Since the Medifast weight loss phase of the program is the easiest part of all, that means that perhaps changing the way you think about food can be the hardest part of all. That's where a Take Shape FOR LIFE Health Advisor plays an important part in your weight loss program while on Medifast.
I would be happy to assist you in losing weight and keeping the weight off. So ... did you answer "Yes" to the 5 questions above? Read them again. If you can answer Yes to all 5 questions, and are willing to let me coach you as you follow the Medifast plan, we can work together to get you to your ideal weight and keep you there for the rest of your life.


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