Seven Ways To Turn Your Man Off In Bed


It may be a feminine game, but it won’t get you what you want. Men just don’t think that way, and it’s disrespectful to later blame them for something they could never figure out from such indirect communication. Drop the games and be direct. Effective communication is what will hold you in good stead. If you’re embarrassed to ask what you want, use language which makes your meaning clear. Though you may find it difficult to express your emotions, he’ll need feedback to make sure he carries on enthusiastically. Losing your self in your bliss and not saying anything will make him wonder if you’re asleep, dead or uninterested, at which point he is most likely to stop.


If you want more foreplay, then you need to say so. If he charges straight into your erogenous zones after a few minutes’ of petting and kissing, then you need to educate him about what you want. Men are much more quickly aroused than women on the whole, and they simply need slowing down. As a woman you’re likely to be more creative than a man, so maybe you can apply your creative skills to sex, and improve it for both of you!


Well, maybe not in everything, but it’s not a bad rule to follow during sex. Men lose interest after a while: like it or not, that’s how they are biologically built (in fact they are programmed to sleep after sex) and unless they’re especially sensitive, they won’t be much interested in your satisfaction. The best way to deal with this is to have extended foreplay. This way he’ll be very turned on and he will enjoy the act.


It’s hard for women to believe, but it’s true. In general, men are much less critical of your body than you are. When you start hiding it during sex, or refusing to enjoy certain sexual positions because you fear what he might think of your body, he’s likely to get very disenchanted, very quickly. If you need reassurance that your body is OK, remember rule number 1: ask him for it. Say, for example, “Do you find me attractive?”


It’s an old, old stereotype: men lead, women follow. Well, that certainly shouldn’t be true all the time in sex. Even if you like him to be masculine and dominant during sex, or even if you like to feel as if you’re being “taken” sometimes, it’s just as nice for him to see your assertive side. Take the lead from time to time.


Nothing but nothing will turn a man off faster than being critical. Instead, find a way of gently expressing your feelings.


You want the lights off, you have to be under the covers and you never want to take off your shirt. Yeah, that sounds like some really exciting sex. If he’s with you, it’s because he likes you. So it’s time you got over your insecurities and gave in to your flaws. You can do so with baby steps by lighting candles. You are all set, go with the flow

How To Become An Online Dating Guru

It is in mans nature to find his or her partner in life; unless of course the person has made a commitment to the Single for Life Club. Some people have a hard time trying to find a partner in their lifetime. Because of their difficulty in finding a partner, they eventually are forced to join for the Single for Life Club.

Thanks to modern technology, the single people are slowly being driven to extinction. The internet has been able to connect people from all sites of the world to help them find the right person for them. Thanks to the internet a person two people from Tajikistan and Alaska may find love. The internet in a way has given single people a better chance to find the right person.

The internet has been able to do these because tons and tons of dating websites have popped up. All of these dating sites aim to help a single person find the right person and connect people from all areas of the world. These dating websites require the single person to create his or her own profile and pay the membership fees. Then the person can now freely surf for the person he or she thinks suits his or her type.

In the single persons part, he or she should learn to write a good profile page. The persons profile page is like the first impression he or she gives. If you write a stinky profile page, youll have the same chance in finding a date in the real world; which is zilch. A person who is hoping to find a date or partner online should learn to properly write his or her profile. Here are some tips to give you a much better chance compared to your real life chances.

1. Try to be witty in your profile. Having a sense of humor in your profile can attract attention. This is not funny when you just write, I am witty. It is just pathetic. Try to be creative. Write something like My mamma wants me out of the house, please take me home with you.

2. Dont be negative. Being negative will turn people off. Why would you want to hang out with a person who dampens your day? Dont write Just been busted again so Im looking again. Be happy and write something cheesy like looking for the person that could complete me. Yucky!! Dont try to be too cheesy, you can think of a better one.

3. Try to avoid using personal adjectives because sometimes they tend to either glorify or degrade you too much. If your mother always told you how smart and handsome you are you may want to rethink the way you describe yourself. Instead try writing things that you like doing. You can also describe what you are doing briefly; unless you have a lousy job like a clown.

4. When writing about the type of person you are looking for, try to be briefly descriptive but still have some vague scope. Heres a bad example, Im looking for a Donald Trump kind of Guy. This will only attract rich guys or those that wear wigs.

5. Try not to be sexual on dating sites profiles. If you are trying to be sexual there are other kinds of websites for you.

The important thing to remember in creating your profile is try not to like what you dont want. Instead write what you are looking for. Another important thing to remember in online dating is that since it gives you more chances to find a date, it will also give you more chances that the date could be a dud. Thats why when relying on online dating sites, you should have a very open mind.

5 Key Communication Skills for American Singles

1. Use The 3 Magic Words of Listening- "Is there more?" For most people, listening is far more challenging than talking. If you do nothing else, being attentive to what your partner is saying and using these 3 magic words will make you a star listener. Try it! Are you wondering what the "3 Magic Words Of Speaking" are? Simply . "I love you." If you are expressing things that may be difficult for your partner to hear, be sure to start and end with these healing words.

2. It's NOT about you!

When your partner is expressing a thought, feeling, need, issue, or judgment, it comes from their reality, is valid for them, and it is not about you! Most arguments would never happen if we would simply accept our partner's point of view and agree to disagree.

3. It's ALL about you!

Your thoughts, feelings, needs, issues, and judgments are your reality, are valid for you, have little to do with your partner, and many people (including your partner) are unlikely to see things your way. If you take full ownership for your experience you will be able to create the conditions for connection and harmony in just about any situation with your partner. A fulfilling relationship is about having, accepting, and negotiating differences, not being "right," seeking sameness or consensus.

4. Turn complaints into requests

We bring many, many needs into any relationship and will experience an issue when a need is not met. It is impossible for all needs to be met all the time in any relationship, so you will have many opportunities to experience and express issues. Simply making a request and focusing on what you want to happen, instead of what is wrong or not happening, and negotiating a "win-win" outcome, will effectively prevent or resolve conflict.

5. Tell your truth

The path to true intimacy and connection is by being authentic and telling your full truth to your partner about your thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, issues, boundaries, etc. Intimacy means, "Into me I see," a transparency between two people that requires full expression of what is inside. Seeking to avoid conflict and maintain harmony by censoring yourself can work for awhile, until your suppressed truth comes out in other ways, such as withdrawal, resentment, "acting out," etc. Telling your whole truth can be scary, but will result in the kind of relationship that you really want.

Nicole Kidman Draws World's Attention To Violence Against Women


Actress and United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman speaks Tuesday during a news conference at U.N. headquarters, urging world leaders and ordinary people to join the global fight to end violence against women.

The actress, seven months pregnant and passionately committed to her role as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. Development Fund for Women, said the violence was probably the "most widespread human rights violation of our time."

"One in three women will encounter violence in some way, shape or form against them in their lifetime," Kidman told a news conference at U.N. headquarters. "That's an extraordinary statistic. Yet do we ever hear it?"

The 40-year-old Australian star became a goodwill ambassador in January 2006 for the U.N. Development Fund for Women, known as UNIFEM. Its acting executive director, Joanne Sandler, said Kidman wanted to focus on an issue "where she could make a difference."

She came to U.N. headquarters on Tuesday to join Sandler, U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro, and U.N. Foundation President Timothy Wirth to promote UNIFEM's "Say NO to Violence Against Women" Campaign."

Since the yearlong campaign was launched on Nov. 26, Sandler said some 210,000 people have added their names to a Web page calling on world leaders to end impunity for perpetrators, provide services for survivors and, most importantly, invest in prevention.

Kidman urged people of all nations to add their names and demand "that ending violence against women be made a top priority for governments everywhere." She also encouraged the private sector to contribute to the U.N. Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, which provides grants for programs in the developing world to help fight the scourge.

In January, the U.N. Foundation said it would donate $1 to the fund for each of the first 100,000 signatures — and Wirth said he was happy to pay up.

Sandler said progress has been made: 89 countries have laws on domestic violence, more than 100 have made rape a crime, 90 have provisions against sexual harassment, and 93 on human trafficking. There are 192 U.N. member states.

Kidman is expecting her first child with country singer husband Keith Urban; she has two adopted children with first husband Tom Cruise.

In 2005, she starred in the movie The Interpreter, a thriller in which she played a U.N. interpreter caught up in a cloak-and-dagger assassination attempt.

American Idol Says "Good Bye" To Kristy Lee Cook

Gina Carbone

It wasn't exactly the Berlin Wall or The Sanjaya Occupation, but the vote-off of Kristy Lee Cook almost brought me to tears.

America, I take back all the things I've said about you. You're beautiful people and you got there eventually.

I'm expecting thank you cards from everyone I've ever predicted to be ditched from "American Idol" because I have not been right once.

This time I thought Carly was out. Brooke, maybe, or Syesha whom I've guessed the past few weeks.

Instead, you finally voted KLC extra tasty crispy GONE.

Several weeks belated, but at least Kristy Lee Cook had the chance to prove herself worthy of being on the show at all. She took it like a pro and tried to sing her final song. Then she was cut off. Here endeth the lesson of Kristy.

(Should we feel sorry for her that she sold her horse to go to the "Idol" auditions? She lives in Oregon and auditioned in Philly. Why? So she could be at the first auditions? Another reason? There were closer cities to go to. Either way, I think the horse might be better off with someone else.)

And here beginneth the lesson of David Archuleta: When forced to make an awakward and even cruel decision, the best thing to do is sit down. Passive resistance.

How cuddly was his decision not to take sides? To sit right in the middle (where his voice and personality belong, hence the universal love-fest).

Just when you think "American Idol" has gone as low as it can, it pulls new stunts like last night. David Cook, KLC and Brooke White on one side, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado on the other. Ryan "Beelzebub incarnate" Seacrest told Little Archie to move to the side he thought was safe. His sweet refusal was class itself and I hope it made Seacrest and the show's producers at least a little pink in the face.

Almost 36 million votes were cast, Seacrest said. That's a lot of people who were willing to give Carly another shot. Good for her.

Not sure why the show started with the sad "Once Sweet Day," especially with Jason and KLC launching it. They have some of the weakest vocals.

Oh. Who else laughed out loud when Dread-head reacted to the luau question with "I haven't been to the beach much but I really like it." This kid is seriously growing on me.

Elliot Yamin. I liked his "Free" song. When was he kicked out? Can we get him back? Did he need the white scarf? What's your position on ornamental man scarves? I'm against.

Not sure why he was there - other than to honor his recently deceased mother, now an "Idol" legend - but he clearly did not want to leave the stage.

Fine with me when Seacrest is playing dirty tricks and Mariah Carey with her short short skirt doesn't even try for the high notes anymore. Her right hand was working hard conducting her own orchestra.

I love questions from fans. Props to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, viewer Jillian for talking about Record Store Day (April 19) and asking for the judges' first records.

Randy: Led Zeppelin, Beatles, James Brown
Paula: Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire, Carole King
Simon: I was 10 years old and it was Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

We found out David Cook is single (although on the radio this morning they said he was dating David Schwimmer's cousin, Lacey Schwimmer) and also safe, as Seacrest moved him to the other group and brought Brooke, Syesha and KLC to the bottom three.

Next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber week, which I have very very very high hopes for. Can't wait to hear how Castro and Cook interpret that.

Best part: I don't have to clarify which Cook I mean! Hallelujah!

Kristy Lee Cook Makes Her Secret Engagement Public

Kristy Lee Cook's American Idol run was marked by a number of stays in the bottom three and, as it turns out, a secret engagement.

Cook's boyfriend popped the question in the sauna of her Idol apartment on March 15, days after she survived her first elimination round as a finalist.

The country-inclined singer was able to share this detail with reporters Thursday because she did not survive Idol's latest elimination round Wednesday night.

After an especially Byzantine results show, Cook, 24, was revealed to be the odd singer out, exiting in Mariah Carey week with the inaptly titled "Forever."

"I was kind of upset that I went home because I thought I was getting stronger and stronger," Cook said. "I thought ["Forever"] was my best performance so far. I thought I had at least another week in me."

Cook said her goal was to make the top five. In the end, she finished seventh.

No stranger to the bottom three—she was there four out of the last six weeks—Cook "built up a stamina for it." And so when host Ryan Seacrest divided the finalists into curious groups Wednesday night, Cook wasn't fazed, even if Carly Smithson was.

Smithson, Cook said, was convinced that Cook's group—she was sent to stand next to her nonrelation David Cook—was the safe group. "They're going to do something that's so off the wall," Cook said she advised the nonbelievers.

Cook was right. David Cook, the show's emotional favorite, was sent to safety—and to Smithson's group. Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado ultimately comprised the unsafe group.

Cook took the opportunity of her exit to sing her swan song right in the face of her chief critic, judge Simon Cowell.

" 'Well, you made it awkward for me,' " Cook said Cowell told her. "And I said, 'Well, now you know how you make it for all of us.' "

Of Cowell, Cook said, "He didn't really get what I have. I still don't think he does."

On a happier note Wednesday night, Cook's boyfriend, whom she identified only as Andy, reproposed on the Idol set, dropping to his knee—a move he didn't do the first time out in the sauna. "He owed it to me," she said.

Cook didn't talk about her engagement earlier because of all the Idol-related madness that goes with being a finalist. "The first time we tried to keep everything on the down-low," she said.

There's no wedding date yet, although Cook guessed she might walk down the aisle in June 2009. And she more than guessed that she might invite the Idol judges, Cowell included.

"Oh, yes, of course I would," Cook said. "I definitely would."

Other titbits:

* Conventional wisdom had it that Cook saved her endangered bacon a couple of weeks ago when performed the critic-proof "God Bless the U.S.A." But Cook denied working any angles. "It wasn't like a huge thought process," she said of the song selection. "My dad was in Vietnam. He absolutely loved that song. I've loved that song, and sang it for a long time."
* Cook's eviction means the Vote for the Worst has lost its latest champion. (Prior to Cook, the Idol-vexing site had stumped for Amanda Overmyer, Danny Noriega and Amy Davis). At last check Thursday, Vote for the Worst had not settled on its next new anti-hero.
* First Madonna, then Kristy Lee Cook. It could have been. Had Cook survived to sing on next week's Andrew Lloyd Webber recital, she said she would have performed Evita's "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."
* No novice, Cook had a major label record deal when she was 17. But her album never came out, and Cook said she didn't regret putting herself through the Idol cattle call. "My career was a long time ago," she said. "And I needed this to get my career started again."
* Once upon a time, Cook was signed by Britney Spears' production company. If Cook's former boss was keeping tabs on her former protégé's Idol run, she didn't make it known. "I actually haven't heard from her," Cook said. "It's been a long time since I've been in contact with her."
* On Wednesday's show, Cook called Cowell "kind of a butt." Her statement was the product of due deliberation. Said Cook: "I was debating brat and butt."

Top 12 Types Of Women We Meet Daily

1. Ms. Gold-Digger

a. You have some one to manage your money.
b. She always looks good.
c. She makes your other homeboys jealous.
d. She makes you look good.

a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left.
b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support.
c. Once your homeboy comes up she'll be on his arm the next day.

2. Ms. Freak (secret lover)

a. She knows all the right positions.
b. She'll try everything more than once.
c. You're never unsatisfied.
d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do.
e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too.

a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings.
b. She starts to act like she's your "main".
c. She fools around with ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak.
d. Eventually her sex gets old. And you need a replacement.

3. Ms. Independent

a. You don't have to worry about buying her anything. She got it.
b. She's intelligent, sassy, confident and determined.
c. She's great for (business) conversation.
d. She keeps it real and has goals.
e. She knows how to please a man.

a. She will continuously let you know, that she can handle it on her own.
b. She will eventually say f&@you and get a dildo.
c. She will consider you another one her play toys, or goals.

4. Ms. Dyme

a. She's top of the line.
b. She stays looking like a fantasy.
c. She has the body of a goddess with the face to match.
d. She considers herself a "model"
e. Gets you on hard whenever you see her.
f. All the girls envy her, but she doesn't care.

a. She's superficial. She cares only about her looks.
b. She honestly lacks confidence and will annoy you about the way she looks.
c. She's probably dumb as hell and if she's not her personality is dry.
d. You have to constantly keep your game up b/c every guy is gonna try to get her.

5. Ms. Tomboy

a. She's cool and laid back.
b. She'll be willing to play rough with you.
c. Of course, she loves sports.
d. Her body is athletically divine.
e. She's easy to talk to and fun to be around.
f. She's a diamond in the rough.

a. She'll remind you too much of one of your boys.
b. She might not want to change her appearance.
c. She might actually beat you in basketball, football and track.

6. Ms. Ghetto

a. She's not afraid of any other female or male. She will fight to keep you.
b. She's down for you. She'll be there to bail you out of jail.
c. She's always stays fresh.
d. She can cook up a storm. She can make the best out of a bad situation.
e. She keeps it real and keeps you satisfied.

a. She doesn't know how to act in public.
b. Your mama can't stand her.
c. You get into with her every other second.
d. She's willing to fight another girl looking at you or her PERIOD.
e. Her weave colors are distracting and her vocabulary is minimal.

7. Ms. Good Girl

a. She's always there for you.
b. She's intelligent, classy, kind, sweet and cool.
c. Your mother loves her.
d. You can see yourself falling in love with her.
e. You are her first everything.
f. She makes you feel like a man.

a. She's an A or B situation either:
A. You're not gonna get any until ya'll are married or
B. She said she's never done - she said she's never tried - she's sitting there telling a muthaf* lie.

8. Ms. Main

a. She is the one you respect.
b. She probably may know about the others but might not care.
c. She has all the qualities you want in a female.
d. You've been with her forever.

a. She starts getting very suspicious and calls you every moment.
b. She will devise a plan to catch you in your act and then kick your butt

9. Ms. Psycho

a. She's fun and spontaneous.
b. She's down to earth.
c. She loves you unconditionally.
d. Everything about her is too good to be true. So everyone loves her.
e. She makes you feel loved.

a. Don't you break up with her. She will stalk you constantly.
b. She keeps pictures of you everywhere and knows everything about you.
c. She can manipulate the hell out of you.
d. She will consider herself wifey even if she may just be that chick on the side.
e. Messing with her can make your life a living hell.

10. Ms. I have a Man

a. She may have a man but she'll mess with you anyway.
b. She looks good.
c. You have an intense night of passion with her.

a. She'll always come crying to you about the problems with her man.
b. She'll get you caught up and then leave you anyway for her man.
c. If you piss her off she'll get her man to come beat your %#&@$!.
d. She'll unofficially make you her man once she gets pissed off at her real man.

11. Ms. Tease

a. She's tempting and a nice piece of eye candy.
b. She's intelligent, athletic, respectable and SEXXXXXXY.
c. She knows how to turn you on without touching you.
d. Everything she does is just so sensual.
e. She can bring you to that point and make you wait to get it.
f. Every time you see her you catch a mini orgasm.
g. Every nigga wants her b/c she's so mysterious and that makes you want to get her first.

a. NO matter what you think or do you never get it.
b. She probably has a long distance boyfriend somewhere that you will never know about.
c. She gets you hard and leaves you like that. (Unbearable)


a. She is not sexy, fine, or a dyme she is Beautiful and therefore encompasses all of these descriptions.
b. She is intelligent, sassy, funny, outgoing, determined, strong and classy.
c. She can cook or at least order a meal that is just like your mother's.
d. Her personality is just as beautiful as her body.
e. She believes in God and follows his virtues.
f. She knows that a relationship requires a 200uota yet she gives her man an extra 10 /SPAN>
g. She can please her man in anyway. Mentally, Spiritually, and Sexually.
h. She makes you recognize your full potential as a man and completes you.
i. She's always there for, no matter what your dreams are.
j. She's not afraid to tell you the truth and set you straight.
k. You can talk to her and confide in her, she's your best friend.
l. You love being around her more than your boys.
m. You can share your most intimate moments with her without sex.
n. You can have a bad argument with her and have the BEST Mind Numbing and passionate love making fest ever.
o. She's always willing to find a way to work out your problems and will often take most of your *bleep*. But she's also intelligent enough to leave.
p. She's nothing like any other girl you've met. She's your woman.

a. You've probably met her, or had her in your life but got too consumed with all the other types that you let her go

Internet Job Ad For Hitman land Woman In Jail

An American woman who advertised online for a hitman to kill her lover's wife has pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire scheme.

Anne Marie Linscott, 49, faces 10 years in prison for each of three federal charges, including intent to commit murder, the US Attorneys for the Western District of Michigan and the Eastern District of California said today in a joint statement.

In November 2007, three California residents searching job listings on found an advertisement for a "freelance" position posted by Linscott, according to court documents.

The three job seekers contacted California police.

The defendant asked two of the respondents via email to "eradicate" the victim and provided the victim's name, age and employment address.

In one correspondence, she said she was looking for "silent assassins" and offered to pay $US5000 ($5340) to kill the victim, who was not identified by the court.

"This IS a serious proposition," Linscott said via email. Her account name was "bourne2run".

Linscott, a resident of Rockford, Michigan, met her lover while taking an online college course several years ago.

Linscott and the man, identified in court documents only as Duane, had an affair, meeting in Reno, Nevada in 2005 and 2007. They spoke on the phone and corresponded by email, the court papers said.

As part of a plea deal between the government and Linscott, prosecutors agreed to drop charges that she had left an incendiary device outside her rival's house in April 2007.

Sentencing has yet to be scheduled.

Jodi Gordon Poses for Ryan Stoke's Rival, Men's Style

As a junior media magnate and the executive chairman of Pacific Magazines, Ryan Stokes is widely reputed to be a clever - and savvy - businessman.

Which begs the question why he's effectively hand-balling profits to rival magazine empire ACP by giving his girlfriend Jodi Gordon the thumb's up to grace the cover of Men's Style.

Wearing very little, we might add.

From Home and Away cutie to men's magazine sensation, Gordon has almost bared all in the alluring eight-page spread in the title, casually speaking about Stokes as she does so.

Revealing her love of tattoos and how she's happy to have nabbed herself "a good bloke", the brunette beauty speaks of the Stokes' own inked ankle which bears a tattoo he designed himself.

Somehow we're guessing male readers of the mag will find Gordon's saucy shots a little more interesting.

Naomi Campbell In Handcuff At London Heathrow Airport

Naomi Campbell was hand-cuffed and removed from a British Airways flight she was trying to board, and arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer who had been called to deal with the disturbance.

Police confirmed that a 37-year-old woman was arrested but refused to confirm her name. A spokesman for BA said: "We can confirm that a passenger was removed by police from a BA flight this afternoon."

Ms Campbell was due to catch a flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles at 4pm and apparently mislaid one of her three items of hand luggage. She is then said to have demanded that airport staff find the bag and rejected their offer to forward it on. As the incident escalated, staff asked her to leave the aircraft, accusing her of being unfit to fly.

Police were then called to deal with the incident and reports say she was heard screaming "get off me, leave me alone" before she allegedly assaulted a police officer. Her flight, BA269, left an hour and a half late. Bags belonging to the model and her entourage were removed from the aircraft.

Just before 10pm last night, Ms Campbell's publicist, Selina Aponte, emerged from Heathrow police station but told waiting reporters she had not seen her client. "I don't know anything. Naomi was flying to LA, she has family and friends over there and is always going over," she said.

Ms Campbell has been arrested numerous times over the past decade over at least eight claims that she physically and verbally abused her staff. Last year the 37-year-old, who has attended an anger-management course, was made to mop floors at New York's Sanitation Department as a punishment for throwing a mobile phone at her maid.

In October 2006 she spent 10 hours in a police cell after an alleged assault on her drugs councillor. Also in 2006, Ms Campbell, who is reportedly worth £35m, pleaded guilty to hitting her housekeeper over the head, and settled with undisclosed damages out of court. In 2005 Amanda Brack, a former assistant to the celebrity, filed a lawsuit claiming she was left "covered in blood" after being struck on the head with Ms Campbell's BlackBerry at a hotel room in Rome.

In 2004, a maid to Ms Campbell, Millicent Burton, accused the catwalk star of slapping her. Simone Craig, another assistant, claimed Ms Campbell kept her "hostage", a charge that the London-born model denied. But in 1998 she pleaded guilty to striking another aide, and again paid undisclosed damages.

Ms Campbell successfully sued the Daily Mirror for breach of privacy in 2002 after she was photographed leaving a drugs-counselling session.

She once told an interviewer: "Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue, and that for me is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness." After her community service last year, she wrote: "I find solace in sweeping. I have the time to think."

This incident comes after a relative period of quiet from Ms Campbell, who was said to be trying to change her image.