American Idol Says "Good Bye" To Kristy Lee Cook

Gina Carbone

It wasn't exactly the Berlin Wall or The Sanjaya Occupation, but the vote-off of Kristy Lee Cook almost brought me to tears.

America, I take back all the things I've said about you. You're beautiful people and you got there eventually.

I'm expecting thank you cards from everyone I've ever predicted to be ditched from "American Idol" because I have not been right once.

This time I thought Carly was out. Brooke, maybe, or Syesha whom I've guessed the past few weeks.

Instead, you finally voted KLC extra tasty crispy GONE.

Several weeks belated, but at least Kristy Lee Cook had the chance to prove herself worthy of being on the show at all. She took it like a pro and tried to sing her final song. Then she was cut off. Here endeth the lesson of Kristy.

(Should we feel sorry for her that she sold her horse to go to the "Idol" auditions? She lives in Oregon and auditioned in Philly. Why? So she could be at the first auditions? Another reason? There were closer cities to go to. Either way, I think the horse might be better off with someone else.)

And here beginneth the lesson of David Archuleta: When forced to make an awakward and even cruel decision, the best thing to do is sit down. Passive resistance.

How cuddly was his decision not to take sides? To sit right in the middle (where his voice and personality belong, hence the universal love-fest).

Just when you think "American Idol" has gone as low as it can, it pulls new stunts like last night. David Cook, KLC and Brooke White on one side, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado on the other. Ryan "Beelzebub incarnate" Seacrest told Little Archie to move to the side he thought was safe. His sweet refusal was class itself and I hope it made Seacrest and the show's producers at least a little pink in the face.

Almost 36 million votes were cast, Seacrest said. That's a lot of people who were willing to give Carly another shot. Good for her.

Not sure why the show started with the sad "Once Sweet Day," especially with Jason and KLC launching it. They have some of the weakest vocals.

Oh. Who else laughed out loud when Dread-head reacted to the luau question with "I haven't been to the beach much but I really like it." This kid is seriously growing on me.

Elliot Yamin. I liked his "Free" song. When was he kicked out? Can we get him back? Did he need the white scarf? What's your position on ornamental man scarves? I'm against.

Not sure why he was there - other than to honor his recently deceased mother, now an "Idol" legend - but he clearly did not want to leave the stage.

Fine with me when Seacrest is playing dirty tricks and Mariah Carey with her short short skirt doesn't even try for the high notes anymore. Her right hand was working hard conducting her own orchestra.

I love questions from fans. Props to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, viewer Jillian for talking about Record Store Day (April 19) and asking for the judges' first records.

Randy: Led Zeppelin, Beatles, James Brown
Paula: Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire, Carole King
Simon: I was 10 years old and it was Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

We found out David Cook is single (although on the radio this morning they said he was dating David Schwimmer's cousin, Lacey Schwimmer) and also safe, as Seacrest moved him to the other group and brought Brooke, Syesha and KLC to the bottom three.

Next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber week, which I have very very very high hopes for. Can't wait to hear how Castro and Cook interpret that.

Best part: I don't have to clarify which Cook I mean! Hallelujah!


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