Women Oppression: Acid attack on Afghan Schoolgirls

A woman’s role in Islamic society is to stay at home and to be at the back of a man and to obey him (Hurley p.87). The Sharia laws make this role not only a possibility but also a rule of life in Afghanistan. Women are considered "lower" than men for many reasons. One justification for the low value of the woman is that Eve was made from Adam’s rib. Eve also caused them to be kicked out of the holy gardens because she ate some of the forbidden fruit. This is according to the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis, in the Bible, which is considered a semi-holy book in Islam (Hurley p.88).

Did you these phrases? "be at the back of a man," "to obey him," "a rule of life," "lower than men" and "low value of the woman."
A community with people who have a hign regard for such beliefs will definitely have NO REGARD FOR WOMEN. For reasons like this we would not be suprice about women or girls been attacked with acid as shown below.

Hurley, Jennifer A., Islam: Opposing Viewpoints. San Diago, Greenhaven Press, Inc., 2001


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