Jennifer Lopez Is Not A Spoilt, Self-obsessed Diva

It's official. Jennifer Lopez is not a spoilt, self-obsessed diva. It must be true because Jennifer herself says so, and when she speaks you'd better snap into action and believe what she says or she'll tear you a new one, OK?

J.Lo (sorry, she demanded that she doesn't want to be known by that name anymore on pain of legal action) admits she may have a slight reputation as a demanding monster, but that simply isn't her fault – it's the fault of the vast entourage she employs to cosset her and pamper her every whim, the bastards. Get sacking them!

So what of the stories of a rider demand for an all-white dressing room bedecked with white lilies and another 99 demanding items? Simply not true, she says.

"I think it's easier to make up this type of story rather than tell the truth. Like everybody in this profession, I have a list but I haven't seen mine in years. "I'm sure it's got longer without me knowing it. Really, I don't have any special requests, it must be my team's doing. They know my likes and they just want me to be comfortable, but believe me, I'm a nice guest at hotels."

So there you go. No special requests whatsoever. What a lovely humble woman. Or she could just be talking out of that extremely substantial arse.


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