Paris Hilton And Benji Madden's Wedding Soon

Paris Hilton has recorded a gushing interview with the talk-show host claiming she and relatively new boyfriend Benji Madden are planning to marry. Urgh.

The blonde bombshell dropped the clanger, with Madden - who only recently was set to wed Monk - giving the idea the thumbs up.

Hilton waxed lyrical about what a great couple they were, while flashing his initials in bling on her ring finger.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has swapped partying for Monopoly.

The Simple Life star, who is currently dating Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, prefers quiet nights at home preparing homemade food and playing the property board game with her friends.

She said: "When I was younger I loved to go out, but now that I'm in a really great relationship it's so much more fun to stay at home. We don't really like to go out. We have game night where friends come over and play Monopoly.

"I love to cook for Benji, I cook great lasagne. I've grown up a lot and I'm at peace. He has changed my life in every way."

Paris isn't the first celebrity to confess a love of games. Pregnant Jessica Alba recently revealed she has been spending hours playing family card game Apples to Apples, while Kanye West played classic children's game Connect Four on his European tour and even challenged Beyonce Knowles to a tournament.

Paris - who is wearing a new two-banded diamond ring on her engagement finger - also revealed the pair have discussed starting a family, and she has her heart set on a traditional white wedding.

The 27-year-old socialite - who is best friends with Nicole Richie who is engaged to Benji's brother Joel Madden - added to People magazine: "We want to stay together forever. I wouldn't do a Las Vegas wedding. I don't know where or when but I do want it to be romantic.

"I can tell Benji will be an incredible father. He loves babies. Nicole is our first friend to have a baby. Seeing her daughter Harlow, it really makes me want one. I've always wanted to have a baby."


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