Two 14-Year-Old Girls Dominate The United States Figure Skating Finals

Translated from Chinese. Read original article below.
Two 14-year-old girl held in Sao Paulo on the 26th of the United States Figure Skating Championships podium on the board finals, which become a future champion Cheung Chau won the national championship the following year low athletes.

"I was too excited, Words can not express it," When the Japanese-American girl next Cheung Chau see Scoreboard on the show after his win, and said happily.

Nagano Winter Olympic Games champion Tara Lipinski Head Maintained the former won the national championship the youngest records.

Cheung Chau future national champion automatically receive the identity of this year's world championships held in March the entry requirements, but does not meet the minimum age requirement World Championships (15 years old), she had to watch her defer to the runner-up places.

Rachel also can be runner-up and world championships because of age requirements of the 15-year-old difference of three weeks, not qualified to. The results, which ended Ashley eventually reach the hands of the third.

Because Kwan's ethnic retired, the United States figure skating in recent years there has been severed. In order to settle down, the United States figure skating community to actively encourage the parties to the children, starting with the first runner-up last year世青赛Cheung Chau is one of the leader in the next one. 世 青赛champion last year, the Chinese girl Zhang Liang Jing-round and the United States, and so is the current ice altar dazzling stars.









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