Lindsay Lohan Bags Worst Actress Of 2007

As if 2007 could get any worse for Lindsay Lohan, now this: Moviegoers tagged her with the year's worst performance by an actress.

Fifty-eight per cent of voters in an online poll by AOL's web site Moviefone gave Lohan that dubious honour for her turn as a woman escaping a sadistic killer in the box-office flop, I Know Who Killed Me.

The poll, which tallied more than 3.8 million votes, had more bad news for the starlet, who recently spent a brief stint in jail for drunken driving and cocaine possession and also attended voluntary rehab.

Another of Lohan's films, Georgia Rule, finished second among voters for biggest waste of $10 spent on a movie ticket.

The No 1 biggest waste? Norbit, a slapstick comedy starring Eddie Murphy, whose performance in the movie was the runaway pick for worst by an actor.

Voters were given five choices in each poll category. Two box-office smashes were voted the most worthy of the price of a ticket: The blood-soaked ancient war epic 300 edged out the sci-fi extravaganza Transformers, 28 per cent to 26 per cent.

Transformers stars Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf were named best on-screen duo, barely beating out Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, the nerdy leads of the comic coming-of-age romp Superbad.

Superbad made more voters laugh out loud than any other film, registering 37 per cent of the tally, ahead of the 28 per cent for the bawdy pregnancy comedy Knocked Up. Both comedy blockbusters were from producer Judd Apatow.

Sexiest babe went to Fox of Transformers, while hottest hunk went to Johnny Depp, from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ralph Fiennes' dark turn as Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix earned him best male villain honours. Angelina Jolie won best female villain for playing the mother of the demon Grendel in Beowulf.

Voters gave Matt Damon the nod for best two performances for Ocean's Thirteen and The Bourne Ultimatum, the latter of which easily nabbed year's best sequel.


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