Drunk Britney Spear And Two-Year-Old Son, Jayden James Taken To Hospital

Britney Spears was taken to a Los Angeles hospital early today, after police spent about four hours at her house trying to mediate a custody dispute, according to witnesses.

Two ambulances left Britney Spear's house, both headed for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center -- one transporting Britney, the other had two-year-old Jayden James in it!

A car carrying Jayden's older brother Sean arrived at K-Fed's home a short time later. No word on what Jayden was being treated for.

Spears reportedly refused to turn over her sons Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one, to the bodyguard of her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, as planned.

LAPD spokesman Jason Lee said police were called to her house about an hour later to try to resolve the dispute.

Spears, whose professional and private life has spiralled out of control in the last few years, lost primary custody of the boys in October.

A media circus quickly formed outside the security gate to the Summit gated community where Spears lives, with four helicopters buzzing the overhead as paparazzi and onlookers waited in the rain for developments.

Now questions as to whether Britney will eventually lose her kids remains, since she may have torpedoed herself in her custody battle.

L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon laid down the law for Britney, mandating that she and K-Fed be drug and alcohol-free while they have physical custody of the children.

Depending on what Brit was under the influence of, K-Daddy's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan could go back into the court and immediately ask the judge to strip Britney of visitation rights.


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