Britney Spears Escapes To Mexico With Adnan Ghalib In Fear Of Rehab

Britney Spears has fled the U.S. after fearing her family were about to take drastic action to force her into emergency psychiatric care.

The singer hit the road with her Brummie photographer boyfriend and apparently resurfaced in Mexico.

The star was with Ghalib and at least one of his colleagues. And late last night video of Britney and the photographer hit the internet and appeared to show the pair in Mexico.

Britney's camp staged an elaborate plan in an attempt to throw the media off her scent.

The word went out that the pop superstar was flying to New York - as well as Hawaii, Las Vegas, Barbados and Mexico.

It involved at least two private jets, several teams of security, numerous limos - and even police.

One insider said: "She has lost contact with her two sons and her family is so scared for her mental health they fear she's a suicide risk and she's out flying or driving around the world playing games.

"It's just beyond belief."

Britney and Adnan were said to have been seen at L.A.'s Van Nuys Airport getting a private jet at 4pm on Wednesday.

The jet she was said to be on was booked to travel to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, the main private airport serving Manhattan.

There, security built up, with staff taking down number plates of photographers in the area and calling in police for back up.

"We know why you're here," one officer laughed, seemingly under the impression themselves that the superstar was landing any minute.

Then, at the time the flight was expected, two large SUV were seen racing away from the airport - including one known to be used regularly by Britney while she is in New York.

"Everything added up - it had to be her," one photographer said.

It would normally be more than enough proof to believe the star was in the Big Apple - had not the exact same scene been playing out in Hawaii.

Numerous people close to Britney's camp started insisting the star was actually heading to Maui, not Manhattan.

And there, too, security were running in circles trying to block photographers, even sending in fuel trucks to block the view - then finally allowing a blacked-out SUV to speed through a back entrance.

"They were taking extreme measures to block us and let this car go away - and everyone knew we were there for Britney”, said one photographer.

"It's just so bizarre." Then, the grainy video in, allegedly filmed in Mexico seemed to finally answer all the questions.

But after the hoaxes, could this be one too?

One of Adnan's paparazzi colleagues laughed: "All I'll tell you is that you'll never find us."

But as her personal life continues to disintegrate, in strange twist, the dramatic events which occurred last week appear to have contributed to a boost in Britney's musical fortunes.

Her new song 'Piece of Me' is set to rocket to number two in the UK charts when it comes out on Monday.

And music bible Rolling Stone is putting her on the cover of next month's edition – an honour she hasn't been given since she was just 17 when she appeared in a bra and hotpants holding a Teletubby toy.

A source told The Mirror: "This horrible mess has taken over and ironically helped to boost sales."

But the source was quick to deny accusations that the record label had manipulated her to boost sales.

"Britney is close to record label head Barry Wise and tells him exactly what she wants him to do.

"After her latest breakdown it was too late to pull the single from release. And if it had that would have only serbed in upsetting her more."

But she added ominously: "No one knows what the Rolling Stone piece is going to be like – or if Britney has been directly involved – she's like a loose cannon.

"It would have been better if they scrapped the idea all together."

Britney's bizarre antics came as she was issued with a restraining order by police following her emotional meltdown last week.

The 26-year-old was arrested and removed from her Malibu, California house on a stretcher last Thursday night following a four-hour stand-off with police when she refused to hand over her two young son to her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Following the drama, the pop star was stripped of her visitation rights to see Sean Preston, two; and Jayden James, one; while aspiring rapper Federline has been granted sole custody of the boys.

As well as losing the right to see her sons, Spears was also issued with a temporary restraining order known as an "emergency protective order", preventing her from coming 100 feet within the vicinity of Federline, U.S. magazine People reports.

Federline's lawyer said he did not request the restraining order, insisting it was enforced by police officers.

His attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said: "The order helped to stabilise the situation."

LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez explained: "The person it's placed upon would have to stay approximately 100 feet from the other person, or face arrest. In most cases, it's issued by officers when there's the possibility of imminent and immediate danger to the victim."

Despite winning sole custody of the two boys until the couple's next court hearing on January 14, Federline insists he wants his sons to have a relationship with their mother.

Kaplan added: "Kevin doesn't want to keep his kids from being involved in [Spears's] life.

"But foremost is that the kids be in an environment of structure [and] stability. The next goal is to get things to a point where both parents are able to participate fully in their [children's] lives."

Spears spent nearly two days in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center before discharging herself on Saturday.


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