Spice Girls Still Living Up To Their Nicknames

Spice Girl Mel C claims the Spice Girls all still live up to their famous nicknames.

The singer, who was christened Sporty in the band's heyday, says while she and the rest of the girls - Victoria 'Posh' Beckham, Emma 'Baby' Bunton, Mel 'Scary' B and Geri 'Ginger' Halliwell' - have matured in the past nine years they still have their distinctive personalities.

Mel C said: "Mel B isn't as scary as she used to be, she's definitely mellowed somewhat. But she's still very feisty. Ginger is a little bit lighter now, her hair is a little bit more golden. Baby's always going to be the baby, she's the youngest. And Victoria is very posh."

Mel C, who was initially reluctant to reform the band, is now looking forward to the girls' reunion tour, which starts in Vancouver, Canada, on December 2.

But she said it was not the beginning of a new chapter, but rather "our final bow" to celebrate a career that has seen the group sell more than 55 million albums and rack up 10 No. 1 singles around the world.

"This is our final farewell," Mel C said in an interview from Los Angeles, where the group is rehearsing for the tour, which starts in Vancouver on December 2 and is scheduled to play 18 cities in nine countries.

"We wanted an opportunity to get together to really celebrate everything we've achieved and give a great big thank you to our fans. We just want to make this the best pop show that a British band has ever put on."

"We all hoped (the reunion) would be successful, but we're all quite overwhelmed by the actual response. That has just made us more determined to make the show the best show any British pop band has ever put on," she said.

Before the world tour starts, the band will appear at a fashion show for lingerie chain Victoria's Secret, in which they will be wearing some of the firm's sexy underwear.

She added to US TV channel E!: "We're going to be performing one of our old songs and one of our new songs, Headlines, and it's going to be very beautiful.

"We're hoping to get ourselves into some Victoria's Secret underwear for the show."

The girls have signed an exclusive deal with Victoria's Secret to sell their greatest hits album exclusively through the lingerie chain.

Mel C admits she was reluctant to be part of the reunion, which she said the group began talking about after they were asked to perform at one of the 2005 Live 8 concerts to fight global poverty.

"For years I always thought I would never go back. It's a very personal thing to me. I had a lot of things to deal with after the Spice Girls, I had a lot of personal issues, and I have been very happy being a solo artist," said Chisholm, 33, who has released four solo albums.

"I had to really think about my decision, but after spending time with the girls and now getting into the show I am so glad this is the decision I had made," she said, adding that Halliwell - a.k.a. Ginger Spice - did try to convince her by telling her the group would reunite with or without her.

"That was a phone call that I received, whether it was true or not I don't know," Mel C said, laughing.


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