South Korean Authority To Introduce Women-Only Subway To Check Sexual Harassment

Women-only subway cars may be reintroduced in Seoul next year as part of efforts to reduce sexual harassment of female passengers, subway operators said this week.

The Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. and Seoul Metro, which operate eight underground train lines in the capital and its adjacent cities, said they are considering the plans. Details to be worked out include whether the women-only cars will run during rush hours or all day long, said Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. spokesman Kim Han-ki.

Now, like their neighbor Japan that also struggles with sexual harassment on trains and was forced to institute women-only cars, Korea is looking to do the same.

In 1992, the Seoul Metro ran special cars for women, senior citizens and the disabled during rush hours, but suspended the program a few months later as there was no way to prevent male passengers from entering, said spokesman Kim Jung-mu.


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