Eva Longoria Quitting 'Desperate Housewives' To Have A Baby

Eva Longoria is planning to quit Desperate Housewives to have a baby.

The actress, who is married to basketball star Tony Parker, is ready to walk away from Wisteria Lane and start a family.

She said: "I've always loved the idea of having lots of children. If I'm around any baby, I'm like, 'Aaaaahhhh, babies!'

"I was pretty ambitions when I moved to Hollywood and I succeeded. But now I've found new ambitions - I want to work, I want to be a great wife and I want to have children. This is a new chapter in my life. I will be very sad to go but I'll have more time to do movies."

Eva, 32, has also revealed she is such a dedicated housewife she flies to Texas just to cook Tony breakfast.

The actress works in Los Angeles, while Tony plies his trade in Texas, where Eva was raised. But if she has any spare time she hops on a plane and surprises him with some unexpected home cooking.

She said: "Texas is home, Los Angeles is where I work. If Desperate Housewives call me and say you're off tomorrow, I'll catch a red-eye flight to Texas, be there in time to make Tony breakfast, fix him lunch and dinner, then fly back."

Meanwhile rumours are rampant Eva's cast mate Nicollette Sheridan is pregnant with fiancee Michael Bolton's child.

Sheridan set the crew of Desperate Housewives buzzing by asking Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross about how pregnancy would change her appearance and if it would make her hair thinner.

A show source said: "She's absolutely glowing and her pregnancy is the buzz of the set."


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