Britney Spears Lost Copyright Lawsuit To Louis Vuitton

Luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton has won a lawsuit accusing Britney Spears of violating counterfeit laws by showcasing a pink Vuitton-upholstered dashboard in a music video.

A Paris civil court ordered Sony BMG and MTV Online to stop broadcasting or marketing the video for Do Something in any form, and fined them 80,000 euros apiece, a spokeswoman for Paris-based Louis Vuitton said today.

The ruling was handed down last week. In the opening scenes of the clip, Spears appears in the driver's seat of a hot pink Hummer floating on make-believe clouds.

One multi-second shot shows fingers drumming on a dashboard covered with what looks like Vuitton's "Cherry Blossoms" design: dark pink blossoms on a pale pink, weblike background, embossed with the "LV" logo.

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