Amy Winehouse Wrecked Her Hotel Room With Spaghetti Bolognese

Amy Winehouse trashed a hotel room with a plate of spaghetti bolognese before the MTV Europe Music Awards last week.

The singer - who was in Munich, Germany, for the glitzy awards ceremony - reportedly lost her temper and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to her room by throwing a plate of the pasta at the wall just hours before the event.

Earlier that day, rapper Snoop Dogg - who hosted the ceremony - arranged to visit Amy in her hotel room and arrived with his entourage just as she began wrecking her room.

A source said: "About 90 minutes before the show, Snoop said he wanted to see Amy. When we got there, she was in a bad way. Everyone, including her management, just stood there as she threw spaghetti on the walls.

"She then started kicking the walls and throwing whatever she could get her hands on - even the tables and chairs. Then she started cutting up the rug. Snoop was just standing there open-mouthed, he couldn't believe what he was seeing."

Amy's team were left speechless by her actions and have no idea what triggered her rage.

The 24-year-old star's day failed to improve when she attended the awards show.

Amy, who was in the running for Album of the Year, Most Addictive Track and Best UK and Ireland Act, was snubbed by the public vote.

Although she did collect the coveted Artists' Choice prize, voted for by her peers, her performance of Back to Black was heavily criticised as she stuttered and stumbled through the song.


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