Supermodel megan Gale Badly Missing Andy Lee

Spare a thought for supermodel Megan Gale. Her comedian boyfriend Andy Lee is traipsing across the country for 2Day FM leaving her all by her lonely self. (Did anyone else automatically get a mental image of her twisting her hair and sighing?) Is the man bonkers?

"We normally speak four to five times a day on the phone," she said. "But I haven't been able to talk to him because he's so busy. It's killing me."

Lee and his radio DJ buddy Hamish Blake are driving from Perth to Brisbane in the so-called Caravan of Courage.

"Hamish doesn't have a licence so Andy's doing all the driving," she said.

"He's exhausted, but happy."

I caught up with Gale at the New Woman Beauty Awards, where her Invisible Zinc sunscreen picked up the beauty editor's choice gong. And she told me the odd couple are coming up to their first anniversary. It was during Melbourne Cup festivities last year that Lee got the courage to ask her out.

"People think we're an unusual couple but he's funny and sweet and kind. That ticks a lot of boxes for me. And he keeps on ticking them. Now we try to not go more than 10 days without seeing each other," she said.

"So I'll make sure to catch up with him straight away because it's only six weeks until I head overseas to shoot the 2008 winter David Jones catalogue."

I subtly asked her to reveal the secret location (i.e. I asked her outright) but she didn't fall for my ruse.

"I can't tell you but it's somewhere we've never shot before and in a country I've never been to. So I'm really excited."


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