Pop Princess Kylie Minogue Says "....The Body [Increase] Was A Bit Of A Surprise."

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has admitted she was not prepared for how much her weight would balloon while she was being treated for breast cancer.

It was on the eve of her Australian tour in 2005 that Minogue discovered she had a malignant lump in her breast and underwent surgery at Cabrini private hospital in Melbourne.

Two years later, Minogue has released a documentary film, White Diamond, about her Showgirl world tour, which she revived following her recovery from breast cancer - and called the Showgirl Homecoming Tour for its Australian leg.

She said the biggest surprise for her during her intensive cancer treatment was the dramatic fluctuation in her weight.

"I went from next to nothing then I just ballooned with the drugs, and I guess now maybe I'm just curvy Kylie," Minogue told the Nine Network in an interview filmed in London and broadcast this morning.

"I've been every other Kylie, who'd have thought it would be curvy Kylie," she said.

"As far as losing hair and that process, you know it's going to happen, you try and prepare yourself.

"In a strange way I think I was quite well prepared for that because I am so used to having different looks.

"But, yeah, the body was a bit of a surprise."

Minogue said she saw the documentary as a good way to thank fans for supporting her through her illness.

"I got lots of really supportive, encouraging letters from all sorts really, and I cherished every one of them."

She said there were times during her recovery from cancer that she felt quite vulnerable and was more aware of her own mortality.

"It's undoubtedly serious and it's such a steep learning curve," she said.

"I did whatever I could to not think about that and think about the positive.

"In a way it was probably more difficult for the people around me and the people close to me because they would have felt quite helpless."

Minogue said she still had to undergo regular check-ups now that she was in remission, but she felt healthy.

"Just a week ago, I was in Paris for check-ups. They roll around every so often.

"It will be a while before that's over, but (I'm) good for the moment."


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