Lindsay Lohan, Out Of Rehab But Still Controversial

Laura Demasi

HOW we've missed Lindsay Lohan. Or at least the mags think we have, given the saturated coverage they've afforded the starlet this week, now that she's finally out of rehab.

Months of intensive rehabilitation may have quelled Lohan's lust for booze and drugs (for today, anyway) but it appears to have done little for her compulsive habit of making trouble.

In the 10 minutes since her release Lohan's been busy providing the world's tabloid media with an excess of material, becoming a home wrecker, broke and homeless in one fell swoop.

According to NW, Lohan's new boyfriend, an ex-con called Riley Giles, whom she met during her latest stint in rehab, is actually someone else's fiance. "Lindsay stole my boyfriend and wrecked my life!" cries Giles's jilted bride in the magazine.

The couple reportedly found love discreetly in a stairwell of the treatment centre, presumably in lieu of a proper bed in a more appropriate setting, given the facility's no-sex rule.

Beds, or a lack of them, have become a bit of a problem for Lindsay now that she's been forced to flog her multimillion-dollar luxury homes in LA and New York to pay off mounting debts.

The 21-year-old actress gives new meaning to the concept of problem spending,

OK reports, blowing $600,000 on "partying", $965,000 on cars and drivers, $510,000 on hotels, $150,000 on rehab, $80,000 on tanning and hair stylists and $1 million on "shopping".

Time to pencil in some Spenders Anonymous meetings, Linds.

At least Lohan's woes take the heat off poor Britney Spears this week. Not that she's been completely ignored in the mags. Despite privately vowing to steer clear of Britney, this column has been sucked back into the fracas, care of this compelling item in New Idea: "Help me, wacko! Desperate Britney Spears has turned to bizarre superstar Michael Jackson to help her get her kids back for good." Right. Michael Jackson. Exactly the kind of person she should be seeking after losing her children in a very public custody battle.

Actually, the mag does have a point. Wacko has miraculously managed to retain custody of "his" three children despite his own penchant for behaving like an out-of-control lunatic.

"Britney's hoping his advice will prove pivotal in getting her sons back forever," the mag tells. "There's even talk of Britney visiting him in his secret home in Las Vegas."

Celebs with a questionable grip on reality loom large on the radar this week, with alien-phobe Tom Cruise in the news.

Interestingly, this time around, intergalactic warlords are not what Cruise fears most - just plain old human baddies have him frazzled. According to Famous, the actor has become "irrational over security fears" and is "convinced that his wife, Katie Holmes, may become the victim of a kidnapping plot".

Long-suffering Katie wants to get some exercise by competing in the New York marathon in November, but Mr Paranoia has laid down the law and forbidden her to race in case another runner snatches her and whisks her away to somewhere really, really bad for no good reason.

Who magazine is also obsessed with the Cruises this week. "Katie: pregnant again? The latest star whose tummy has come under scrutiny" deliberates the magazine's cover, after she was snapped in a succession of baby doll dresses. The mag explores this very important possibility over no fewer than four pages and still doesn't arrive at a satisfying conclusion. Doesn't Who know that time is of the essence?

Katie could be pinched any day now.


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