Desperate Housewives Star Eva Longoria Laughs Off Sex Tape Scandal

Eva Longoria has confirmed she did star in a sex tape. The Desperate Housewives star revealed the minute-long filmed in night vision which was leaked on the internet this week was made for actor Will Ferrell's comedy website Funny or Die.

"I'm so amused, It's so funny" Longoria told DJ Ryan Seacrest of the staged clip yesterday.

"Oh my gosh. I've gotten like 100 calls on it saying it's so hilarious, even my husband thought it was freaking hilarious!

"We've got this comedian called Perry Hilton, who does everything that Paris Hilton does. If you go on there, he's gotten a DUI. He goes out clubbing. So, they go, 'We want to do a sex video in that night vision kind of like the one she did.' "

In the clip, Longoria is seen playing with her hair, jumping on the bed, and sitting on Perry - played by License to Wed actor Eric Christian Olsen - while he does push-ups.

The video has a fake time stamp of February 3 2004, a year before she started dating her now husband Tony Parker.

Longoria insisted she and Parker are "too square" to ever make a real sex tape.

She laughed: "We've never made a tape. We're very square, boring people."

This isn't the first time Ferrell's site Funny Or Die has caused controversy.

Earlier this year, he posted a sketch called The Landlord, which showed a two-year-old girl pretending to be a drunk landlady demanding rent from Ferrell's layabout character.

In the clip, the tot - who was later identified as Ferrell's friend Adam McKay's daughter Pearl - says several swear words, but despite thousands of complaints about the sketch, McKay said it was all done for comic value.


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