Aussie Videos Contains Clue To Princess Dinna's Death

Julia May

As the inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, began in London yesterday, it emerged that a holiday video shot by two Australian tourists 10 years ago will be used as evidence.

In his opening statements at the Royal Courts of Justice, the coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, warned the 11 jurors against becoming caught up in the sensationalism of the case. He reminded them that it is an "inquisitorial" investigation into the truth of the events that leading to the fatal car crash in 1997, not an "adversarial" criminal trial.

Lord Baker's comments stood in contrast with those of Dodi's father, the millionaire businessman Mohamed Al Fayed, who has long fought to prove that the crash was the result of a plot devised by the Duke of Edinburgh and British spies.

Arriving at the inquest, Mr Fayed said: "I am hoping for justice. After fighting for 10 years at last we are going to have a jury of ordinary people and I hope the decision [will be what I believe], that my son and Princess Diana have been murdered by the royal family."

Lord Baker did, however, refer to Mr Fayed's allegations. He said that a British police inquiry, which was completed last December, had stemmed from Mr Fayed's request to the coroner to determine whether the crash had been "not an accident but murder, and further more, of conspiracy by the establishment, in particular His Royal Highness Prince Philip".

The police inquiry, and the initial investigation by French authorities, concluded that the deaths were "a tragic accident".

Among the first pieces of evidence to be presented at the inquest will be a video shot by an Australian couple, Vlad Borovac and Chloe Papazahariakis, of the many paparazzi as they waited for Diana outside the Ritz Hotel in Paris, hours before the crash in which she died.

It is believed the tape shows a car similar to the white Fiat Uno that French police believe may have clipped the Mercedes prior to the crash in the Paris tunnel. Ms Papazahariakis may also be called to give evidence about what she filmed.

"As I was approaching the Ritz, it was parked and then I caught it when it was chasing her car," Ms Papazahariakis told the Seven Network.


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