Amy Winehouse And Husband Busted For Marijuana Possession

24-Years-Old Award-Winning U.K. Singer Amy Winehouse was arrested last night at Bergen's Radisson SAS Hotel on the west coast of Norway for possessing some 7 grams (0.2 Ounces) of Marijuana. Also in her company were her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil and two other men identified as Alexander Foden, Lars Morten Lothe, who also faces similar charges.

They were held for 12 hours before being fined and released. The couple were ordered to pay 500 euros (£350) between them, while the other arrested man was fined £240.

Winehouse, 24, who was admitted to hospital earlier this year after a reported overdose of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol, is due to give a concert in Bergen tonight.

Prosecutor Lars Morten Lothe said: "We had a tip from a good source which led to police checking up on the tip."

He said the drug had been found in the room itself rather than on any of their persons.

"They signed a ticket, a fine, at the police station some hours ago," he said. "It is a closed case."

Following her hospital admission in August, Winehouse cancelled a string of concerts and reportedly entered a rehabilitation clinic. But the singer has since been pictured drinking alcohol and her behaviour has reportedly been erratic. Photographers have snapped her covered in blood and bruises with makeup smudged across her face. Pictures of Fielder-Civil covered in gashes have also been published.

Earlier this year the singer self-harmed during an interview with American music magazine Spin. The journalist reported that while being interviewed Winehouse used a shard of mirror to cut stomach.

Her mother, Janis Winehouse, has publicly said she no longer recognises her daughter. Last month the 52-year-old pharmacist told an interviewer: "Amy is playing Russian roulette with her health and musical gift. She's lost herself. We're not talking about my Amy. It's not someone I recognise. She has become her own stage creation."

"I knew she was smoking marijuana but not that she was doing class A drugs until she collapsed. She won't stop until she sees the point of stopping ... when I saw her afterwards, I did not tell her to clean up, there was no point.

Fielder-Civil’s father has said he believes his son and Winehouse are taking cocaine, crack and heroin and has asked fans to stop buying Winehouse’s music until the couple seek help. Giles Fielder-Civil has also criticised Winehouse’s record label for blaming her numerous concert cancellations on “exhaustion”.

“We believe that the record company should be proactive in helping the couple get better. They seem to be hiding behind a label that the pair aren’t drug addicts, they’re ‘exhausted’.

Winehouse made a comeback appearance at the Mercury Prize ceremony in London last month. Her acoustic performance impressed the audience but her subsequent appearances have proved less popular. At the Mobo awards late last month she appeared distracted and out of time with her band, and critics who saw her perform in Munich earlier this week, said the star seemed shaky, forgot her lines and appeared to be close to tripping over on stage.

The incident is another blow for the singer, who was forced to cancel several concerts this year after being hospitalized with what her record company called ``severe exhaustion.'' Her father-in-law, Giles Fielder-Civil, in August urged fans to boycott her music until Winehouse and her husband seek treatment for alleged drug abuse.

While possession of any drug is illegal in Norway, ``the use of small amounts of narcotics will normally result in a fine, and appear on the criminal record of the guilty party,'' according to the country's medical drug law.

Narcotics possession may be punished with up to two years of prison, and serious violations may lead to as many as 10 years of imprisonment, the Norwegian police Web site says.

No Rehab

Winehouse won the British Female Solo Artist Award at the BRIT awards and the Female Artist of the Year at the U.K.'s Mobo, or Music of Black Origin, awards this year for her jazz, soul and R&B-inspired music. When she won the Vodafone Live Music Awards, she sent the landlord of her local pub to collect the prize at the ceremony on her behalf.

The singer has released two albums, ``Frank'' in 2003, and ``Back to Black'' in 2006, the latest which went platinum in both the U.S. and the U.K. Winehouse's most famous song is called ``Rehab,'' which includes the line: ``They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.''


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