Who Is Kate Moss' Buddy?

Supermodel Kate Moss is said to be engaged, but not to whom you may suspect.

Since her latest bust-up with Babyshambles frontman and serial drug offender Pete Doherty, Moss has been seen out with another rock star. He is The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince.

London's Daily Mirror newspaper has reported that the model recently announced to friends: "I'm in love and I'm engaged."

But Moss's engagement is "unofficial" and is partly intended to warn Doherty that she has moved on.

The statement came after the couple attended a friend's wedding and afterwards spent the night together.

A source told the newspaper: "Kate and Jamie had been together all night and day until 5pm and, when they surfaced, Kate told her friends that she and Jamie were engaged.

"They had spent the night making love and Kate asked him during that.

"He was overjoyed because that's what he wanted, too. They're clearly totally in love with each other."

The source added: "No one thinks they are actually going to walk down the aisle any time soon - they know it was Kate's way of saying she's serious about him.

"Everyone knows it's a message to Pete too, telling him she's moved on and is happy with her new man."


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