Sexual Secrets Only A Woman Can Tell You

Beauty salon owner Ann May has shattered the female code of silence into a hundred pieces. Ann has revealed the simple steps you must take to meet, attract, date and bed stunning women in record time. Never before has a woman dared to expose these secrets and in such detail the contents should be triple x-rated.

Listen, the simple fact is: women are just not like us guys. They think different, look different, sound different, have a different aroma and handle their relationships different. And you love 'em for it right...? Errr... well, most of the time...

...But have you ever tried to understand a woman or get her to tell you what she wants when she gets upset with you? It's tough, right? She expects you to read her mind and just "know". Have you ever found that with women? And if you cannot read her mind, have you noticed how she likes to be upset for a long, long time? Yes? Have you sometimes wondered if women are a different species?

The simple truth is this; only women can ever understand another woman. So they only ever say what they REALLY want from guys to other women. And they make certain there are no guys around, listening in.

But this is where Ann May has a unique advantage that will give you the killer edge with every woman you meet from this day forward. For the last six years Ann has owned and run a women only beauty salon.

Day after day, week after week, hundreds of women pass through Ann's salon in this female only environment. And what do you think is their favorite topic of conversation? Yes you guessed it "us guys" - what we've done, what we haven't done, what we did right, what we said, how we said it, how we performed and many more things too hot for you to hear, until later.... More


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