Paris Hilton Hooked To A Pizza Delivery Boy

She’s dated actors and heirs to million dollar business fortunes. Now, Paris Hilton has pals shocked with her latest squeeze - a pizza delivery boy.

Paris got hooked to delivery guy Alex Vaggo after bumping into him in Las Vegas while partying at a nightclub.

Since then, it seems the two have been inseparable, with Paris even taking him along to meet her folks in Bel Air.

Alex’s pals, who describe him as a ‘shy, laid-back kind of guy’, are also having trouble believing how fast he hooked up with Paris.

“He decided to fly to LA for a holiday and spent much of the summer working as a pizza delivery boy to raise extra money. We were amazed to see how quickly he hooked up with Paris,” The Sun quoted pal Richard Ramberg, as saying.

“He’s quite a shy, laid-back kind of guy. Paris will probably eat him alive,” Ramberg added.

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