Indian Conman Allegedly Duped 40 Girls In Web Porn Scam

Aarti Nagraj

Chennai - A Chennai-based man, Liaqat Ali, who was arrested on Tuesday by the Chennai police on charges of cheating, is now facing more serious allegations.

Liaqat had allegedly duped around 40 girls from across the country by posing as an IAS officer looking for an alliance - he had even married four girls.

However, the Chennai police now claim that that wasn't the worst he did. Police say they have retrieved some deleted files from his laptop, which prove that he also made and acted in pornographic films- featuring minor boys and girls.

Says Joint Commissioner Chennai Police, M Ravi, "We have found that he drugged the girls and in the semi-conscious state, he forced them to do such activities."

Liaqat Ali had been arrested in Trichy last November on charges of making porn films, but was released on bail due lack of evidence.

Police now say he was guilty, and continued making the films after he got out of jail. Liaqat is also alleged to have sold DVDs of the movies he made.

Police are asking for him to be moved from judicial custody to police custody, so that they can interrogate him further.

As of yet, the police are still unsure whether he used to lure girls from matrimonial websites for making these pornographic films, but they are certain that he was not he only one involved, and are continuing their investigations.


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