Sex Awareness Very Poor Among Indian Women

Men in the land of Kamasutra have proved their mettle (ahem!) in the past and today they are happily surging ahead of their female counterparts, especially in terms of sex awareness as reported in a recent survey.

Talking about sex is still considered a taboo in a country like India. It is spoken about in hushed tones, behind closed doors. And it is a topic, which is supposed to make women quite uncomfortable. A recent survey conducted by the International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai and a Mumbai-based NGO, Population Council, reflects on the lack of sex-related awareness among the women.

Quite pitiable

City-based model Krishna Somani says that she was in her college when she got correct information about sex and related issues. She adds, "In the school it was only through the text books that I came to know about the reproductive system and when I was in the college, I learnt about contraceptives and STDs."

The 20-plus girl agrees that she was a little late in seeking awareness about sex-related issues and attributes it to the conservative nature of the society.

Budding actor Shweta Prasad, who is on the threshold of womanhood, says that she is embarrassed to talk on 'this' issue. She admits that in case she has a physical problem or wants to know something about sex, she would rather discuss it with her mother than her friends.

"I really don't have the urge to know more than what is being taught to me in Class X and what I see on the television. I will learn about 'these things' with time," says she. Ask her whether she is OK with pre-marital sex or browses the net to get more information on the topic, and she replies, "It's too early for me to indulge in such things."

'I am experienced'

Model Shawar Ali admits that even as a teenager, he was quite inquisitive about girls and sex, even though his knowledge was limited to theoretical sphere only.

He adds in a matter-of-fact manner, "Today I am 30 and yet unmarried, but I am quite experienced and believe in satisfying my partners. I am aware about the correct usage of condoms and other sex-related aspects."


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