Paris Hilton Breast Enlargement Not Speculative

Paris Hilton's bust, the subject of recent plastic surgery speculation, has been cleared of any whiff of inauthenticity by recent beach photos.

Rumours of surgery began with the publication of pictures of the ex-con heiress at a party with a sizeable cleavage.

The rumours received a boost with publication of photos of Hilton on Malibu Beach in a one-piece swimsuit.

But photographs of her back in beach mode this weekend show a cleavage more in keeping with Paris's slim build.

Hilton fans are wondering if she is employing the old chicken-fillet trick or if she's the first to make use of so-called removable implants.

In the past, Hilton has been candid about her desire for a
breast augmentation at a young age.

"Years ago, I asked my dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image," she has said.

The apparent change has led one celebrity plastic surgery website to report that Hilton's breast size "fluctuates more than the Dow Jones".


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