Madonna Shoot up aboard a Trans-Atlantic Flight

Madonna has stunned fellow passengers by pulling out a syringe mid-flight and shooting up with vitamins, news reports say.

Sources claim that Madge endured a seven-hour long trans-Atlantic flight without any food before giving herself the shocking shot.

"Just before landing she brought out the vials of vitamins and injected herself," a passenger on the flight told

"Seven hours is a long time to go without eating… she was also very quiet and only spoke to the air staff to ask for water."

A spokesperson for the 49-year-old wouldn't comment on whether the songstress was using vitamin jabs.

Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are two other celebrities rumoured to be using the energy-boosting injections.

'They can be useful for the elderly and the very young, but generally they're unnecessary," nutrition scientist Anna Denny said.

"We wouldn't recommend taking them without consulting a GP first."


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