HIV Positive Husband Kills Wife For Not Having Sex With Him

An HIV positive man has been arrested by the Dahisar police for allegedly poisoning his wife.

The 26-year-old woman, who is fighting for her life in a hospital, had refused to have sex with him.

Senior Police Inspector Ravi Thakur said factory labourer Dilip Barut (30), a resident of Chitrakoot building in Ashokvan, married Yogita in 2002.

"Yogita gave birth to a girl two years later, but her in-laws were not happy as they had wanted a boy," Thakur said.

A year later Barut was diagnosed HIV-positive. Yogita left Barut to live with her mother Pramila Bhabat at Oripada in Dahisar (East).

"Only when Dilip promised her he would discontinue sexual relations did she go back, for the sake of her daughter," said a teary-eyed Bhabat. "But her in-laws went on pestering her to try again for a boy."

Late one night last week, the police said, Barut returned home drunk and demanded that Yogita have sex with him. Hearing the two fight, Barut's mother Anita came into their room and began insisting that Yogita give in to her husband's demands.

When she continued to refuse, they allegedly stuffed poison in her mouth and beat her unconscious.

She left with her daughter the next morning and returned to her mother's house. On Monday evening, Yogita started vomiting and was rushed to Borivli's Bhagwati Hospital by her mother.

The doctors called in the police, who registered a case of assault and attempt to murder against Barut and Anita. Barut was arrested on Monday night. The police are on the lookout for Anita.


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