Cosmetic Surgery becoming increasingly popular in North Korea

Recently, it has been reported that businesses offering facial plastic surgery, skin maintenance and breat augmentation are becoming more popular among the wealthy class.

Through a survey local media DailyNK conducted that sought answers on the actual living conditions in the Northeast region of North Korea it was discovered that massage rooms, steam baths, beauty-related enterprises (plastic surgery, breast augmentation and skincare maintenance) are the main thriving businesses.

Beauty-related businesses such as these prevail in relatively large-sized cities, such as Chongjin in North Hamkyung, Hamheung in South Hamkyung, and Wonsan in Kangwon. This trend seems to follow the up and coming wealthy class who have risen through doing business in North Korea.

A cheerleader from North Korea for 2002 Pusan Asian Games had had a double eye-lid surgery
Skin maintenance and plastic surgery which has caused a stir among the women in Shinuiju and Pyongyang have spread to inland countrysides within the last several years.

Double eye-lid surgery, eyebrow tattoos, and other procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon doctor or beauty operation specialists, so it has been widely popular among young women.

The cost of plastic surgery was not verifiable at the time of publishing but in the case of double eye-lid surgery the price is rumored to be very cheap in western terms, but it is unclear if the prices are black market or part of the actual economy.

In addition to double eye-lid surgery, breast augmentation has been increasing in popularity amonst upper-class women. The popularity of the breast enlargement surgeries demonstrates a focus on beauty among North Korean well-heeled women.

Chinese-style health massages cost around 10,000 (approximately USD $3.40) North Korean won per hour and for an additional 20,000-30,000 won, on-the-spot sex with a female masseuse is available.


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