Airline Stewardess Delivers Premature Baby Mid-Air

An airline stewardess helped deliver a premature baby during a flight from England to Crete.

Flight supervisor Carol Miller helped Nicola Delemere give birth to her son, Alfie, in her seat while receiving instructions from doctors on the ground.

But when the tiny baby had problems breathing, Miller had to use a drinking straw to help inflate his lungs to keep him alive.

She also carried out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage for more than half an hour on Alfie, who arrived 15 weeks early.

"He was born very quickly and at first we weren't sure he was breathing so I just applied my medical training, cleared his lungs gently using the straw and then carried out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," Miller told The Daily Telegraph.

"We were also lucky to have the support of a retired nurse and ambulance driver on board."

Delemere, 31, had been checked by a doctor before deciding to go on holiday with her husband in Crete.

Her waters broke while the First Choice Airways charter plane was flying over Germany.

The pilot then flew back to London's Gatwick Airport to make an emergency landing so the mother and baby could receive medical attention.


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