Lindsay Lohan's Lesbian Lifestyle Hacked

Lindsay Lohan used her myspace account to send 'lesbian' messages to a close female friend whilst inside rehab, it was reported.

Hackers claim they broke into the Mean Girls actress's private emails and found the messages to her best friend Samantha Ronson.

Star magazine reports the 21-year-old wrote to Ronson: 'Babe, if I don't have you in my life then I should just go die… I want to marry you and have children with you.'

She then reportedly signed off the message: 'I love you – Lindsay Ronson.'

The wild child endured an extended spell in rehab after crashing her car in May on Sunset Boulevard, reportedly driving under the influence.

Ronson, 30, was with her at the time, when police allegedly found cocaine in the Mercedes.

Lohan's myspace page can only be accessed by 75 friends including Samantha, Nicole Richie and Lindsay's younger sister Ali.

The actress was recently seen looking healthy and refreshed, partying on the beach with friends at America's 4 July celebrations.

She will be playing a pole dancing stripper in her new film, 'I Know Who Killed Me.'


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