4 Tops To Keep Your Heart Healthy And keep You Alive.

If you ate your way through your twenties, and worked your way through your thirties, you’re probably showing a bit of wear. But, don’t despair. You have a long-lost friend in South Carolina who’s going to help you regain the vigor of your teenage years - or, at least help you bring the downward spiral to a screeching halt.

Dr. Dana King, of the University of South Carolina, reports rather stunning results concerning the impact of midlife lifestyle changes. It takes a mere four years - think about that - to effectively reverse the damage done in those years of work and wantons. But…

There’s a plan you must follow to achieve these results. It’s not a complicated plan, and it requires no special tools. It requires only the full participation of one critical component for success: your horribly neglected body.

So, take these simple steps to reduce your risk of heart disease by 35%, and your risk of death by 40%:

-Eat five or more fruits and vegetables each day

-Exercise a minimum of 2.5 hours each week

-Maintain a healthy weight

-Stop smoking

That’s it. Do these four simple things and, at the end of four years, you’ll be on a
par with the folks who have been doing them all along. Wow - it’s a bargain!

But - you have to do all four. Completing only 3 of the 4 showed little, whether any, reward.

So, come on - toss that butt, grab an apple, take a walk, and shed a pound or two. That’s it - Welcome to the first day of the rest of your healthy life!

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