The Breast and Female Sexuality

If the present day situation is any indication, breasts are the defining point of a woman and women take pride in their mounds of femininity. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some are perky while others are somewhat more "relaxed," so to speak. Some areolas (the darker skin around the nipple... Mmm, the nipple) are larger than others, and even nipples themselves come in all shapes and sizes.

The bottom line; men love breasts. And today, you're going to learn about all of the wonderful things you can do with the lovely pair that you are fortunate enough to have staring you in the face.

biology of the teet
Now that you've Mastered The Vagina, it's time to become the king of the Kinky Two. But before I reveal how you should go about taunting the twins, you have to understand what makes them tick.

When it comes to boobies, all ducts lead to the nipple, which is centered in the areola. The actual breast is composed of fat and breast tissue (slap on a nipple and the fat suddenly becomes beautiful). There is no muscle in the breast; the muscle lies underneath the breast, covering the ribs (commonly referred to as pecs).

There are thousands of nerve endings in breasts so the nipples shouldn't be the only aspect that you pay attention to. On that note, it's time to begin the worshipping.

playing with the girls
Women tend to be very proud of their breasts. Not only are they showing them off more than ever before, but they want you to pay serious attention to them during foreplay and lovemaking.

Simply grabbing a breast as though it were cookie dough and chewing on the nipple is going to get you nowhere fast. That is not impressive, to say the least. Like with the lovemaking experience as a whole, taking your sweet time is wise.

As well, before you rush to the bedroom to fondle away, keep in mind that although many women love it when you fondle their breasts, some find the too soft or too rough approach annoying. Always pay attention to her reaction whenever you perform any action.

Hands-on approach
When her breasts are exposed and begging to be touched, work your magic by using your hands to lightly outline the outer part of both breasts slowly. This will serve to give her the chills... and BAM! -- her nipples will become erect, kinda like you.

Lightly work your hands over them, smoothing your palms over her nipples ever so slightly. The idea here is to tease her and let her imagination run rampant imagining what it's going to feel like when your hot tongue finally does its duty.

You're going to suck, and what to do with implants...

Give her some lip
While she's lying down and her body is at your disposal, use your lips to kiss around the outskirts of her breasts. Start kissing the outline with your moist lips slowly.

Another great thing you can do is lightly squeeze her breasts together and kiss down the middle. Make your way close to each nipple, and exhale over them so that she can feel the warmth of what's to come -- literally.

You suck
The tongue, I am convinced, was created for licking women's breasts. The beautiful mounds are designed perfectly so that a mouth can cover their tops. But there is plenty of time to get a little rougher.

For now, use the tip of your tongue to circle around the areola. Let your tongue glide over her nipples very lightly. If her body jerks or she lets a sudden moan escape from her lips, that's because she's virtually dying for you to take each nipple into your mouth, and suck and nibble away.

If her nipples are standing at erection, harden your tongue and flick it back and forth, and slowly take it into your mouth, at which point you will begin to suck and nibble simultaneously.

If her nipples are not hard, you can usually manipulate each one by sucking it and then releasing it from your mouth whilst inhaling so that it creates an icy sensation.

add some variety
Use your hands to hold her breasts while you suck on them, one at a time. You needn't squeeze or bring each nipple to your mouth. Instead, use your hands simply to cup them while you bring your mouth to one then the other (you know how jealous girls can get).

As well, don't just stick to the nipple. Lick that space between her breasts, lick right under her breasts -- don't limit yourself to the main feature. Because these areas don't get much attention, they are likely to be sensitive to the tongue.

And if you are mastered in the art of doing more than one thing at a time, then when you've already penetrated her, get into the side by side position (facing each other), suck on one nipple, and lightly pinch the other with your thumb and index finger. She'll be in orgasm heaven in no time.

What's even better is having her on top of you and placing her nipples in your mouth, one at a time. While you let the head of your penis tease her vagina, hold on to her breasts, placing each nipple into your mouth one at a time (and use the thumb and index finger pinch with the other).

silicone valleys
Women with breast implants, just like women with natural ones, vary with the amount of sensation their breasts provide. While some say that implants have provided heightened levels of excitement, others admit to a slight loss of sensation.

But of course there are exceptions. If a woman had her procedure done via the nipple, then chances are she has lost up to 90% of the sensation in her nipples. As well, women who undergo the procedure via the armpit, under the breast, or even the navel, require anywhere up to a year to regain sensation in their mounds. So know your role.

Nevertheless, breast play should be something that's incorporated into your entire foreplay experience, so make the breast of an interesting situation and pay close attention to them. Remember, they're the closest things to her heart (at least the left one is).


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