Women Trafficking Ring Busted In Taiwan

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Tuesday busted a organized human smuggling operation which forced women from mainland China into prostitution across the greater Taipei area, the CIB announced this week.
CIB agents arrested three men and five women in Taipei County on Tuesday after being tipped off on the human smuggling operation late last year.
CIB said that the operation acted behind the front of a corporation named "Yiu Chia Li" in Taiwan to solicit men to engage in prostitution.
Mainland women who were told to enter into false marriages with Taiwan men in mainland China were brought into Taiwan on grounds of joining their husbands.
The highly organized operation collects a fee from the women for brokering the false marriages while paying for Taiwan men who are willing to use their names in the marriage documents.
The culprits then will operate under arrangement with hotels to locate its customers or directly send the women to the customer's residences.
The women were forced to give up all their earnings to the human smugglers who the CIB said had netted over NT$10 million over eight years.
Reports said that close to one thousand women engaged in illicit acts with Taiwan men in the operation including township councilors in the Taipei area.
On Tuesday, 40 police officers raided six locations across Taipei County and arrested five mainland women along with three men: Wang Lien-yi, Chang Chih-chang, and Wang Pao-shen.
CIB are still looking for the mastermind of the operation surnamed Tsan and his female accomplice who was in charge of communicating with hotels. CIB warned that mainland women entering into prostitution in Taiwan has become a growing problem in Taiwan and that the bureau will list human smuggling as its top priority.


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