Indian Sex Workers Oppose Legalisation Of Prostitution

Amidst the din of the celebration of International Women's Day on Thursday, sex workers in the capital yesterday opposed legalising their profession, saying it will spell disaster for the society.
"What is the need to legalise this profession? Do you wish the human body to work like a machine? Legalising it will add to more confusion and trouble for everyone including us," said Rajshri, a representative of the sex workers of the red light district of G B Road area.
"Many girls may choose to take up flesh trade and end up in these cages."
The sex workers said all they want is a better life for their children.
"All we want is that our children should be taken out from here. There needs to be some arrangement for their growth away from here," Rajshri said.
"What Women's Day? What help would be this reservation? Can you guarantee that we would do better if women rule? All we want is that the government should help us free our children from these cells," she said.
"This day is celebrated by rich women. We are not supposed to be celebrating," said Salma.
Home to more than 1,000 women from different parts of India and also some neighbouring countries, life on G B Road continued as usual on Women's Day.
"It's a daily fight. We compete with each other for customers. There are no celebrations for us," said Papiha.
"We are destined to live without any identity. We don't tell our real names to people. Leave us where we are. Help our children if you can," said another sex worker.


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