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Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Leaked Thus Held Back

Britney Spears' new single called "Womanizer", which has been leaked three days ago, was supposed to hit the airplay today, but has been pushed back for another week. A publicist from Jive/Zomba Records named Wendy Washington says that the release delay happens because the song "needs more mixing and editing."

The track, which record company bosses had been desperate to keep secret until the singer's big relaunch in November, was discovered on YouTube by an LA radio station.

The station played a 40 second clip of the song, which has now been picked up by hundreds of thousands of fans.

The revelations follow reports of a fake leak which appeared last week when new website BritneySpearsCircusLeak claimed to have a leaked version of single Candy from Strangers, from the singer's new album Circus. It was later proved to be a fake.

The record company are now trying to track down the insider who posted the version of 'Womanizer' on the internet, along wit…

Fake Sarah Palin Photos Portray her as A Stripper

Sarah Palin's credibility as a possible American Vice-President is being undermined by a series of spoof photographs circulated on the internet.

The saucy pictures, which exploit her glamorous image, have been published amid a concerted ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against the former beauty queen, following her surprise appointment as 72-year-old Republican candidate John McCain’s running mate.

One shows her apparently wearing a leather miniskirt and stilettos, while another has her in a Stars and Stripes bikini, brandishing a rifle.

While the images could be seen as harmless fun, they will hinder the relatively inexperienced 44-year-old Alaskan Governor’s attempts to be taken seriously as a political heavyweight.

Barbara Brunton, a Republican Party spokeswoman, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘There is a dirty-tricks campaign being waged against Sarah Palin by the liberal lobby.

'They have flooded the internet with fake photographs that make her look like a stripper. It’s nothing more than a …